New Portable EV Charger Series from Axiom



The CED Electrical Group are proud to announce their introduction into the Electric Vehicle Market with a new range of Type 2 Portable Electric Chargers and Charging Cables, under the Axiom Brand.

EV Chargers are available with adjustable (8A/10A/13A) or fixed (13A) amperage, come with Cable lengths of 7m or 10m and feature an LED screen display and supply of a UK power plug.

Please note Cable lengths include 1.5m for mains plug leads with the balance of 5.5m or 8.5m respectively being the extent of the charging leads. 7m or 10m 7kw Charging Cables are also sold separately.

NB The adjustable amperage versions offer substantial flexibility and efficient energy consumption by working with various power outlets and avoiding overloading of circuits by adjusting amperage to match available power.

With poly carbonate bodies, the range has Ingress and Impact protection and the benefit of a 2 year warranty period.

Further information please call 0208 503 8500 or visit www.cedelectrical.co.uk.