NEW 10kA Compact RCBO’s from Proteus Industrial


Proteus Industrial

Since 2013, Proteus Switchgear have offered a 6kA Compact RCBO which is the same size as an MCB – offering Electricians much more wiring room within their installations. This 6kA device has been very successful and is sufficient for most installations, but sometimes a higher fault rating is required.   

Proteus Switchgear have now launched a 10kA compact RCBO which offers the same great features as the current compact RCBO, but now with a higher 10kA fault rating.

Available from 6A to 32A, B & C Curve and 30mA.

For further information contact Proteus Industrial on: 01952 292 001, ind@proteusswitchgear.co.uk: http://proteusswitchgear.com/index.php/industrial-products/circuit-protective-devices/rcbos.html