Meter Isolator Switch c/w Linked Type 2 SPD



Since the introduction of the 18th Edition there has been a growing demand for the use Surge Protection Devices for not only commercial and industrial applications, but also the domestic market sector.

Whilst the fitment of SPDs is now a simple task within the Proteus Consumer Unit with its dedicated space for an SPD adjacent to main switch, this may not necessarily always be an option for older installations and may be unnecessary to upgrade the consumer unit at that time.


Therefore, Proteus Switchgear has introduced a new product featuring a 100 Amp DP isolator switch with optional Type 1+2 or Type 2 SPDs. This compact unit offers dedicated isolation to the installation (a requirement as per Reg.: 462.1.201) with the added benefit of a Surge Protection Device. 

That’s not all however. The SPD is uniquely connected to the isolator switch by two fully insulated bus bar links meaning the only connections the installer has to make is the meter tails in the isolator and earth connection from the SPD – far quicker and far safer!