Proteus Industrial MCE Enclosed MCCBs


Proteus Switchgear Industrial Division offers a wide selection of pre-assembled MCE MCCBs in enclosures which are a great alternative to switch fuses. All with their own standard part codes, they are available in 3 and 4 pole options, from 63A to 800A. MCE Enclosed MCCBs are a cost effective option against switch fuses and offer many features such as a 36kA fault rating, they are re-settable (no changing fuses), thermal tripping capabilities can be lowered by 20% and they have smaller dimensions at higher ratings compared to switch fuses. We also offer a full selection of pre-wired stand-alone earth leakage units in 3 and 4 pole options, from 100A to 630A.        

Check out our full range of our MCE Enclosed MCCBs here http://proteusswitchgear.com/index.php/industrial-products/mccb-distribution-boards/mc-range-mccb-distribution-boards/enclosed-mccb-s.html  


Check out the MCE100T here http://www.luckinslive.com/product/402808282/Proteus-Switchgear-Industrial/MCE100T?f=ks&q=mce100t&st=all&em=

For more information, contact Proteus Industrial at 01952 292 001 or visit www.proteusswitchgear.com