Lithium up, hot topic alert!



The increase in fire-related incidents caused by lithium-ion batteries has shown just how risky mass battery charging in one area can be. 

Most batteries contain a flammable electrolyte fluid which can be dangerous if not stored correctly. Incidents may occur when a battery is:

  • Pressurised
  • Made from low-quality materials 
  • Left to overheat  
  • Used or recharged improperly
  • Old or damaged.

Whilst there isn't specific guidance from HSE on how to store and charge your battery-powered tools on site, at Armorgard, we have some solutions that will help you to charge batteries more safely and to help minimise the risk of fire.

Within the industry, it’s become more and more important to look at how we can store and charge batteries safely, whilst still being practical for those on site.

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