Large Size Conduit



Did you know Centaur also stock our large size conduit as standard? The most popular conduit diameter sizes are 20mm, 25mm and even 32mm. These sizes are well stocked and readily available from stock at Centaur. However, in addition we also offer large sizes also from stock in 38mm and 50mm, all complimented by an extensive range of accessories.

Conduit is typically used to transport cable around an installation and to provide a level of protection against unforeseen damage. Usually installed surface mounted with saddle bars but conduit can also be installed within the wall cavity.

Tested regularly throughout its manufacture at our Midlands based facility to high quality standards, the Centaur super high impact conduit provides an easy and secure method of cable management. 50mm and 38mm, heavy gauge is available to suit a variety of applications and a range of colours can be achieved. As standard all sizes are stocked in white and black.

Whether you are laying large cable sizes or large amounts of cable that will not lie neatly or whether you’re future proofing your installation for any additional wiring that may present itself, our large sizes of conduit would be ideal.

Centaur conduit is light in weight (16% less weight than steel conduit), even the larger sizes are easy to handle and do not require the use of on-site special equipment such as bending vices or thread cutting gear.

When installing the 38mm and 50mm conduit the distance between saddle bars or clips should not exceed 4’ 0’ (1.2m) as is the case for the smaller sizes. If possible, outlet boxes should be fixed first and a line used to establish correct alignment, which will ease the threading of cable through the?conduit. 

In addition to round conduit Centaur can also supply oval and flexible conduit as well as channel to ensure the installer has multiple options for their installation needs. Our large size conduit is now available from CEF.co.uk, in 38mm and 50mm diameters, white and black and sold in 3 metre lengths.

For more information please visit: https://centaurmfg.com/conduit-channels/ or contact our sales team: sales@centaurmfg.com.