Reece Safety Manufactured Insulating Rubber Matting – GREAT VALUE



Reece Safety directly manufacture insulating matting.  This means that we can supply quickly AND at great prices.

Rubber is a natural dielectric material and will therefore inhibit the flow of electric charge as a result of its

molecular structure preventing the free flow of electrons. The dielectric and electrically resistant properties of rubber make it an ideal insulator. This, when combined with the flexibility and cushioning nature of the material, makes it a perfect choice for electrical safety matting.

Electrical insulation mats are high voltage rubber mats, they conform to IEC 61111 and are manufactured using high quality elastomer rubber in order to provide complete protection against electric shock due to earth faults.

Suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications and are generally placed in front of electrical panels, switch gears and high voltage equipment in order to create a safe working environment for the operators/users.

  • Temp range 40ºC to + 65ºC and can withstand upto 50 kV
  • Electrical mat is hard wearing, non-slip and can be easily cleaned or washed with a mild detergent
  • Anti-fatigue nature, comforting feet while standing for prolonged period
  • Matting is packed in 10m rolls to avoid joints and is available in standard roll lengths or ‘by the metre’
  • Conformity with IEC 61111
  • Every 300mm is marked with class and working voltage details
  • Used in many industrial plants and factories
  • Flame retardant, oil and acid resistant

The marking colour is made according to the colour coding of the standard.

Matting conforms the following specifications required by standard.

Puncture resistance

• Dielectric

• Ageing

• Flame retardant

• Acid and Oil resistant

Plus, we can provide straps for easy carriage to and from the work station.

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