MEES Energy Efficiency Deadline 1st April – Eco-Friendly Panel Heaters Available Now


Private landlords should be prepared for the new energy-efficiency laws that are coming into force from 1st April. The new MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) standards laws are tightening up in April, meaning every private landlord must get their property to EPC E standard or above.

HSD Online’s 2020 range of Lot 20 panel heaters is are designed to help builders and landlords upgrade any property quickly and affordably. New additions to the range include an ultra-efficient ceramic radiator and an all-aluminium electric panel heater, which both offer efficient performance and incredible value. 

These eco-friendly heaters join MYLEK’s ultra-modern smart heater, which includes a free Wi-Fi app so users can control their heating from anywhere in the world.

With the MEES deadline fast approaching, builders can use the opportunity to reach out to old clients and make sure their properties are up to the new standards!