Heat Mat introduces new high-power 240W heating mats


Heat Mat

240W mats provide sole source heating in areas where conventional heating mats can struggle - for instance very small rooms, high heat loss rooms including conservatories and foyers, and areas where only part of the floor can be heated due to fitted units e.g. kitchens.

240W/sqm heating mats are the most powerful system in Heat Mat’s electric underfloor heating range. They provide the highest heat output, the fastest warm-up time and the most energy efficient system for heating beneath tile and stone floors, while offering all of the other benefits of Heat Mat’s fast-to-fit ultra thin products. They are ideal if build-height is limited preventing insulation boards from being installed.

240W mats are designed for use under tile or stone and cannot be laid directly onto wood or other floor coverings. They provide a very fast warm-up time beneath thick floor coverings like flagstones and brick.

Typical installation situations of 240W mats include:

  • High heat loss rooms and where a speedy warm-up time is required
  • Very small floor spaces e.g. en-suite bathrooms, wet rooms and cloakrooms
  • Rooms with pre-fixed furniture or units that restrict heating large parts of the floor area
  • Conservatories, entrance halls and orangeries

For more information, a quote or details on stocking these products please contact Heat Mat’s award-winning customer service team on 01444 247020.