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Here at Heissen we offer far infrared heating which is one of the most rapidly growing heating products on the market. With easy installation, contemporary finishes and long-term benefits this makes it the ideal solution for a variety of applications.  

Infrared releases heats upon contact - when on, it gradually heats up the floors, walls, ceilings and furniture/objects in the room which then in turn re-emits the heat. 

Gradually, the ambient air temperature rises, similar to the way the sun works by heating the thermal mass of a room through a large window or skylight. 

If we look at specifically bathrooms and wet rooms in domestic properties; ventilation can often be an issue leading to black mould and damp. Due to the way infrared heats it can combat the condensation by eliminating out any moisture present directly.

This means that it will help avoid any repetitive or costly works having to be carried out to prevent the mould growing such as improving ventilation and redecorating. 

Bathrooms typically have limited wall space so positioning a heater in line with an appropriate IP rated zone can be difficult. 

Our panels can be situated in a variety of different locations including the wall, above the sink, as a towel rail or on the ceiling and is also available in several different sizes. 

Heissen  Heissen

A convection heater is typically rated anywhere between 0.75 to 2KW so users can be reluctant to have it on for any significant period of time in fear of big bills.

Underfloor heating is disruptive to install and sometimes lacks the watts per sqf. to adequately cope with the room’s requirements, especially older properties which coincidentally is where mould and damp tends to be at its worst. It also needs to be left on for long periods of time to work at its full potential which can seem not as cost-effective as other systems, especially as it is an area which is used on a much more spontaneous basis than other areas in the home. 

The benefits of Heissen’s Far-infrared Matrix range -

Slim-line design                                                                    

Triple layer insulation – low back temperature 


No noise, lights or moving parts

Rapid heat-up times

Built to German TUV standard

98.5% Efficient

Tempered glass finish

Easy installation

No maintenance

Automatic de-misting