How Far Infrared Works


There are many key reasons why far infrared panels are much better than other forms of traditional convection heating. Far infrared works by heating people, thermal mass, inanimate objects and the ambient air temperature. This means that the heat isn’t lost through any open apertures and works extremely well in poorly insulated areas, large open areas or draughty rooms. 

In short, far infrared heating technology is unaffected by natural convection currents or insulation levels. Whether you have a hard to heat space or require a more efficient system then far infrared will be the perfect solution.


Key Benefits of Infrared Heating

No Maintenance – No moving parts in our heaters mean zero maintenance and minimal returns. 

No Light or Noise – Zero light or noise is emitted making this a very discreet form of heating.

Non-Disruptive Installation – Far infrared is one of the most flexible heating systems to install and is much less intrusive than other traditional heating systems.

Quick Heat Up Time – Far infrared has a very quick and effective heat up time so will heat an area without lengthy warm up periods. 

98.5% Electrically Efficient –98.5% of the electricity the heater consumes converts directly to heat, ensuring very low running costs. This is the LED of heating.


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