FireguardĀ® Next Generation


The next generation of fire-rated LED downlights 

Fireguard® Next Generation has been truly designed with electricians, for electricians. Ensuring all aspects of the installation process such as termination, ceiling entry and ceiling construction were considered to ensure simplicity for the contractors. Available in IP20, IP65 and Tilt options.


Intelligent installation design

Reviewing the channel and gaining valuable contractor feedback has become an essential requirement in providing strategic direction for JCC product development. The feedback gathered for Fireguard® Next Generation gave clear direction to improve all aspects of the installation process. Select the numbers below to see some of the improvements.


Harmonised aesthetics throughout the range

Traditional lamp-in-can downlights have differing lamp positions between their IP20 and IP65 fixtures. The Fireguard® Next generation range has been developed to ensure the IP20, IP65 and Tilt versions align aesthetically and harmonize style throughout applications.


Designed for easy ceiling entry

The can shape of Fireguard® Next Generation has been tapered at the top, this allows for the spring clips to fold further back meaning the width is limited, this and the flexibility of a detached terminal block make ceiling insertion simple. The cut out diameter is the optimal size for most retrofits at 74mm.


Flexible terminal, not fixed to can

The terminal block on our Fireguard® range usually sits on top of the can. The Fireguard® Next Generation now has the terminal block on a flex which is detached from the can. This makes for a much simpler termination and ceiling entry, also when installed with insulation, there is no pressure placed on the terminal block as it now sits within the void, beside the can.  


Leading fire safety and certification

 Fireguard® Next Generation has been tested for use in Solid, I-Joist and steel open web joist ceiling construction types and adheres to part B, C and E of the building regulations*. For the latest certification and details of approved manufacturers, please go to the product pages here

*It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.


Next Generation Features