Retrotouch launches its first range of EnOcean smart switches



  • Wireless, stick-anywhere, battery-free switch can control any EnOcean relay
  • Available in EnOcean, Bluetooth, Zigbee or Friends of Hue models
  • Stylish, premium glass design to perfectly complement the finest interiors
  • Price: £59.99

Retrotouch, the innovative UK lighting solutions brand, has created its first range of EnOcean smart switches, providing consumers with beautifully-designed ‘always on’ system for effortless control over their EnOcean lighting and control systems.

The Retrotouch EnOcean switches can either be fitted to replace an existing light switch, or used as a wireless, battery-free solution, stuck on any wall, wherever’s most convenient for everyday use.  The switches don’t need batteries or a power cable and they are as durable and reliable as a traditional wired switch. Thanks to EnOcean’s innovative harvesting technology, each press of the switch generates enough energy to send a radio signal to a relay for a totally wireless and robust control solution. Available with EnOcean, Bluetooth, Zigbee or Friends of Hue protocol options there is a retrotouch switch solution for both Residential or commercial applications.


Retrotouch’s wireless and battery-free switches have been designed to look great too, with a premium glass finish bringing a stylish designer-feel to a smarthome’s lighting controls. The switches come in white or black glass, with or without a chrome trim; and an option of one or two buttons.

The Retrotouch EnOcean switches also have matching sockets and accessories to provide a coordinated look to any room. These include double or single plug and charging sockets, TV and telephone sockets.

“We’re thrilled to launch our first EnOcean switch range.  Thanks to the EnOcean innovative technology and our own product design, our switches provide a stylish, seamless solution for Residential and commercial lighting systems without the need for wires,” says Amit Ravat, MD of Retrotouch. “Our brand is all about helping to make smart living as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our new switches have been designed to do just this – providing an easy to install retrofittable lighting system with a touch of Glass.”

Price and Where To Buy

Retrotouch EnOcean switches are £59.99 and available from Retrotouch.

About Retrotouch

Retrotouch is a UK company that designs, manufactures and sells innovative lighting and electrical products for consumers, interior designers and developers. It was founded in 2008 by a team of professional electrical product designers. The consumer range is designed for the homeowner who wants the utmost in modern sophistication without breaking the bank, and with easy installation, safety and convenience as a design priority. Retrotouch products don’t require expensive and time-consuming rewiring or complicated installations, and thanks to the continuity of the ranges, you can start small and add over time. With touch glass panels and surrounds, the switches bring a stylish finish to a room, and give you the power to create ambience and mood lighting wherever and whenever you wish. There’s no need for expensive controllers and transmitters as all of Retrotouch’s light switches have the technology build right in. Our philosophy has always been thatWe work forwards from what our customer needs are, and not backwards from what the technology allows. Everything we sell must be simple and intuitive to use for everyone from the developer to the whole family.”