Efficient Illumination for Hallways and Passageways: The Corridor Function Luminaires


In today’s modern world, efficient lighting solutions are crucial for creating safe and comfortable environments. Hallways and passageways are essential areas that require proper illumination to ensure clear visibility and guide people through various spaces.

One innovative lighting solution designed specifically for this purpose is the Corridor Function luminaire. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of Corridor Function luminaires and how they provide efficient illumination for hallways and passageways.

What is Corridor Function?

Corridor Function (sometimes referred to as Step Dimming) is a lighting control method and involves the ability to adjust the light output of LED fittings in increments or steps, rather than continuously. Typically, LED lighting with Corridor Function capabilities allow users to select from predetermined brightness levels, often set at specific percentages of the fitting’s full output.

For instance, a Corridor Function LED system might offer brightness settings at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%, providing distinct levels of illumination suitable for different tasks or environments. This simplified and straightforward approach to dimming not only makes it user-friendly but also enables energy savings and prolongs the lifespan of the LED chips, making it a popular choice for various residential, commercial, and industrial lighting applications.

Enhanced Lighting Control with the Duxford Tri-Colour Bulkhead

The Duxford Bulkhead from NET LED Lighting is an excellent choice for efficient lighting in hallways and passageways. This versatile luminaire offers a range of features that make it ideal for such applications.

One key feature of the Duxford Bulkhead is its Corridor Function. This function ensures that the luminaire operates at a reduced light output when no motion is detected in the area, thus saving energy, and extending the lifespan of the luminaire. When motion is detected, the luminaire instantly returns to full brightness, providing adequate illumination for anyone in the vicinity.

Additionally, the Duxford Tri-Colour Bulkhead is equipped with an IP65 rating, making it dustproof and protected against water jets. This level of protection ensures the luminaire’s durability, making it suitable for installation in both indoor and outdoor settings, including hallways and passageways exposed to the elements.


Sleek Design and Customisation with the Chrome Ring Accessory for Yaxley Slim Circulars

The Yaxley Slim Circular luminaire itself offers high energy efficiency, providing significant energy savings compared to traditional lighting solutions. It is available in different wattages and colour temperatures, allowing you to choose the perfect lighting option that suits your specific requirements. Designed to replace a 38W 2D Bulkhead, it’s made large enough (Ø470mm) to cover the marks left on the wall – so there’s no painting required!

To enhance the aesthetics and customisation options for hallways and passageways, the Chrome Ring Accessory for Yaxley Slim Circulars is an excellent addition. This accessory is designed to complement the Yaxley Slim Circular luminaires from NET LED Lighting, providing a stylish and modern look to any space.

The Chrome Ring Accessory is easy to install and fits seamlessly onto the Yaxley Slim Circular luminaire, creating a sleek and sophisticated appearance. With this accessory, you can transform the plain luminaire into a visually appealing lighting solution that enhances the overall ambiance of hallways and passageways. And if black is more your style, we have the Black Ring Accessory available too!


Benefits of Corridor Function Luminaires in Hallways and Passageways

1. Energy Efficiency: The Corridor Function of these luminaires ensures that energy is conserved by reducing light output when no movement is detected. This feature helps lower electricity consumption and contributes to long-term cost savings.

2. Enhanced Safety: Constant illumination is crucial in hallways and passageways to ensures the safety of occupants. Corridor Function luminaires provide instant full brightness when movement is detected, guaranteeing clear visibility, and reducing the risk of accidents.

3. Extended Luminaire Lifespan: By reducing light output during periods of inactivity, Corridor Function luminaires experience less wear on the electronic components. This extends the lifespan of the luminaires, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Customisation and Aesthetics: With accessories like the Chrome or Black Ring Accessory for Yaxley Slim Circulars, you can customise the appearance of the luminaires to match the style and design of your hallways and passageways, creating a visually appealing environment.


Efficient illumination is vital for hallways and passageways to ensure safety, comfort, and energy savings. Corridor Function luminaires, such as the Duxford Bulkhead and Yaxley Slim Circular, provide a consistent level of illumination guaranteeing safe movement and navigation within buildings.

As we look ahead to a future that demands sustainable and intelligent solutions, Corridor Function stands out as a key innovation. It offers a powerful combination of safety, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility, making it a worthy investment for any modern space. Embracing this technology unlocks a world of possibilities and propels us towards a brighter, smarter, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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