M2 Easy Seal – The Outdoor Life for Me!


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With many outdoor electrical accessory products being available it is up to the manufacturers to offer its distributors, installers and end users the greatest choice and flexibility of product to satisfy all the various applications that are required in the great outdoors of urban, suburban and rural life.

The ease of installation and providing choice and flexibility has driven the design of the M2 Easy Seal range of enclosures, sockets and switches. The single and dual enclosures will accept any make of single or dual accessory products to British Standard which not only assists the stockist but the installer can accommodate a change of mind from, shall we say, the more descerning client! The enclosures can also be supplied with accessory products ready fitted and available with a solid grey cover or translucent should the status of the accessory need to be viewed without the need for access.

Most of the applications for outdoor sockets in the domestic situations are probably for temporary use, such as lawn mowing, hedge cutting, DIY etc but care should be taken if jet washers are used that the cover is correctly closed and sealed around the fitted supply lead. The ingress protection of IP66 offers protection for high pressure water jets from any direction and makes the enclosure suitable for the semi-permanent use for applications such as pumps for garden ponds and fountains.  Digital or analogue timers can easily be fitted to offer further control and potentially save upon unwanted use. For fixed wiring applications then a switched connection unit with a de-rated fuse or perhaps an RCD spur offering localised earth fault protection would be appropriate.

The one and two gang enclosures will also accept many combinations of the Easy Clip modular range of power, voice and media products when fitted into the appropriate face plate. This enables a multitude of possibilities including speaker outlets; microphone points; data outlets; USB chargers, wifi boosters etc.

The most obvious use of such products is in the outdoor environment but the first numeral of the IP66 rating relates to the ingress of dust particles and there are widespread applications where the dust-tight feature can be important. Data and media outlets can be more susceptible to effects of dust and powder and yet there are many workshops, factories and warehouses where local computers and printers are required. Added to this the enclosures themselves are manufactured in durable polycarbonate offering a high degree of impact protection which is also a risk in such areas.

With the increase in outdoor lighting products there has been a natural demand for switches to carry heavier loads. M2 has purposefully designed its range of lighting switches with a 20 amp rating to not only cater for this situation such as path and driveway lighting but to also enable the use in warehouses, store rooms, farm outbuildings and similar areas where more substantial lighting schemes may be installed.

Each switch has the option of using a neon indicator for a variation of applications: permanently on if situated in a constantly dark environment or only on when the switch is off as a seek-light or conventionally as power-on indicator.