EV Distribution Boards with O-PEN Protection



Proteus EV have recently launched a new range of distribution units for EV charges which incorporate the matt:e O-PEN® protection device. The O-PEN® device can detect load imbalances under all conditions including open PEN on three phase PME infrastructures and safely isolates the incoming supply or electrical loads. This helps prevent the risk of electric shocks if dangerous touch voltages occur above 70V in line with BS 7671. Utilising the O-PEN® technology on EV applications saves time and costs during installation, but more importantly offers a safer alternative to Earth electrodes. 

Proteus EV can offer this technology with our new range of distribution units available as standard in 100A and 200A incomers, in 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 outgoing ways (16 ways only available in 200A). 

Not only does this level of protection negate the need for costly and time-consuming ground works, when monitoring the PEN conductor and in the event of a fault, the 5 pole MCB will trip and automatically reclose once the fault has cleared. 

With the inclusion of this protection within the UK manufactured Proteus EV O-PEN® distribution boards we can accommodate large numbers of charge points within one distribution board. This new offering ensures that your customers and installers can save both time and costs during their installation, by fitting one Proteus board as opposed to multiple boards. This will also reduce the space required for the switchgear side of the EV charger point install. 

This unique combination of over 30 years switchgear manufacturing from Proteus and the latest technology from matt:e provide a marketing leading product offering. Whilst providing the protection within the switchgear you will reduce the risk of striking buried services during your installation. 

The O-PEN® offering is complimented by a range of optional surge protection devices, MID meter kits, stand-alone O-PEN® boards and modular boxes to house sockets or RCDs. In addition, being a British switchgear manufacturer we can offer a ‘make and manufacture’ service incorporating this latest matt:e O-PEN® technology. 

Understanding EV charger installations can vary greatly from project to project, therefore we can offer completely bespoke solutions to customer specification. Whether you have size restrictions on site, need to fit a concern feeder pillar, have other devices that need to be included in the enclosure or you want your devices pre-populated, contact our experienced technical team with your enquiry. 

For more information on this exciting new range please visit the product overview page here.