Altecnic launches 136 new product lines in 2021 brochure



Altecnic, the UK's leading supplier of hydronic solutions and part of the Caleffi Group, has unveiled its latest product brochure for the coming year showcasing 136 new product lines, as well as a new 5-year extended Caleffi warranty on key products.

Altecnic offers more than 5,000 domestic and commercial products and 136 of these are featured for the first time in the 173-page 2021 brochure which is available to download from its website.*

In addition, a new extended 5-year Caleffi warranty is offered on popular models of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) and range of Pressure-reducing Valves (PRVs). Altecnic already offers a 5-year warranty for its SILFRA commercial washroom products and nitrogen filled Reflex expansion vessels.

The new products in the brochure include Mixcal Careflo Plus®, a new Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) with thermostatic override function; Dynamical® low flow presettable thermostatic radiator valve; Caleffi Code®, smart heating controls and Silfra Infrared Taps.

The Mixcal Careflo Plus® TMV enables the thermal disinfection process to be brought up to the tap or shower head, reducing the time and cost of the maintenance required to remove the potential for bacteria growth such as legionella.

Guarenteeing energy saving, the Dynamical® presettable radiator valve allows the automatic dynamic balancing and pressure-independent adjustment of the thermal medium in the radiators of two-pipe heating systems.

Caleffi Code® is a new smart thermostatic control which allows you to control the heating in your home from your smartphone or tablet. Manage every room with a few simple steps on the app.

The Silfra IR range of infrared taps mean touch-free hot and cold water water, ideal for public places where hygiene and water conservation are key.

Other innovative and market-leading products are available in the brochure all of which are accredited and compliant.

The company supplies trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers, engineers and specifiers who rely on the highest quality service backed up by our ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 certification. This ensures that only authentic, accredited Altecnic products are supplied which meet all current UK and European standards, supported by its outstanding technical and quality departments.

Gary Perry, Managing Director at Altecnic, said: “This new brochure for 2021 is our largest to date which reflects the big strides we have made in the last year to further develop and enhance our product range to meet industry and customer demand.

“Our product brochure continues to showcase our range and breadth of products as well as demonstrate our innovation. As always with Altecnic, quality comes as standard as well as our products being accredited and compliant and backed by the history and credentials of our parent company, Caleffi. This is evident in the introduction of Caleffi’s extended warranty across key models in our TMV and PRV range, a testament to the superior quality of these products.

“All of this is backed up by our technical datasheets and support team to ensure that once you buy the product we are still there to lend a hand. Not only as part of installation but on an ongoing basis.”

Altecnic Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of hydronic solutions. Established near Stafford in 1987, the company imports and supplies over 5,000 product lines to distributors throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. The company provides trade merchants, plumbing and heating engineers and specifiers with a comprehensive range of plumbing products, including; thermostatic mixing valves, underfloor heating, sealed systems, dirt and air separation, backflow prevention and vessels and a whole lot more.

Altecnic’s mission statement is to deliver the highest quality products and services to its customers, through manufacturing excellence, innovation and education. Their extensive range of products and services are chosen by trade merchants, original equipment manufacturers, plumbing and heating engineers and specifiers

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