AMAXX Evolution


AMAXX® Evolution – Energy, Industrial Ethernet and Automation in one Enclosure System
Another member joined the AMAXX® product family and turned out to be a real all-rounder. The first modular AMAXX® energy distributors were presented to the expert public as early as 2006 and soon became a triumphant success in the field of industrial installations. Two years later, the options were expanded with three additional enclosure sizes as well as components for industrial ethernet.

AMAXX® Automation now offers new perspectives for contemporary industrial installa-tions. This extended enclosure program also covers the industrial sectors in automation. Whether small controls (SPS), actuators, contactors, relays, KNX/EIB or other electronic and pneumatic components: the robust and shapely enclosures offer sufficient room for the automation components.

Energy, Industrial Ethernet and Automation can be installed jointly, space-saving and professional in the productive sector with its high mechanical demands. Available either in protective type IP 44 or IP 67, the enclosures offer sufficient protec-tion against dust, moisture and other environmental influences. The top DIN rail system offers the highest degree of flexibility for equipment with automation components. A di-vision plate with membrane bushes takes care of the proper separation of energy and network enclosure. The integrated windows allow fast inspection at all times without having to open an enclosure. However, they are still protected against unauthorized access.

The AMAXX Evolution: now also available for Automation components besides Energy and Industrial Ethernet

The right solution for each application
AMAXX® Evolution offers a unique variety of models with solutions for energy and data distribution as well as automation components. The distributors are available in the pro-tection types IP 44 and IP 67 with CEE receptacles ranging from 16A, 3-pole, up to 63A, 5-pole. Besides SCHUKO® receptacles, AMAXX® is well-prepared for the international market with receptacles that meet many different national standards, e.g. system GB, French/Belgian standard, Danish standard or the Swiss system. RCD-switches, MCB`s as well as Neozed fuse inserts are available for integrated protection. The AMAXX® is also available with switched, interlocked DUO receptacles up to 63A. After plugging and activation, the plug is locked. After deactivation and pulling the plug, the switch is locked. And that even as multiple distributor.

The enclosures consist of AMAPLAST, which has outstanding mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Upon request, these are also available in AMELAN, which is highly resistant to chemicals and suited for application in aggressive environments. The top parts of the enclosures are available in electro grey by default, and also in the colours silver, yellow and red as well as dark grey (AMELAN). The bottom part of the enclosure is always black.

Almost endless combination options provide electricians with an installation system for which they can generate the right enclosure combination for any demand. The modular panels can be equipped with receptacles, switches, buttons or other operating and con-trol elements. Besides automation components, this also allows the integration of con-trol units, energy and data distributors together with fusing components in the same en-closure system and installation in direct proximity to the controlled machine or facility

Energy and automation components in one enclosure AMAXX Automation

Just like with all other AMAXX® products, electricians also profit from the unique instal-lation advantages with the automation enclosures. Shorter installation times, less mate-rial expenditure and faster assembly of the enclosures distinguish the Mennekes prod-ucts. The installation is monolithic and not only looks professional but also convinces on a technical level.

Thanks to AMAXX® Evolution, solutions for energy, Industrial Ethernet and Automation can be realized with one single enclosure family. Mennekes simply offers the right com-bination for any demand.