3 Module 4 Pole RCBO & MCB



Proteus Industrial have launched a new range of 4 pole, 3 module, RCBO’s and MCB’s which fit the BX busbar system. These unique devices switch 3 phases and neutral. 10kA short circuit rating, C curve.

Q – As it’s 3 modules wide will it fit the 3 phase Proteus range MCB board busbar?

A – Yes. It will occupy 1 triple pole space.

Q – If it’s 4 pole fitted to a triple pole space how does the neutral connect?

A – The neutral comes with a “flying” lead that terminates to the distribution board neutral block.

Q – Is this available as both RCBO and MCB?

A – Yes.

Q – Where do the load cables connect?

A – All cables connect directly to the RCBO or MCB, including the neutral cable.

Q – Is this a switched neutral?

A – Yes, these devices have a SWITCHED NEUTRAL. So all 4 poles are switched.

Q – Is this a 30mA RCBO?

A – The RCBO is available with trip values of 30mA, 100mA and 300mA.

Q – What “Type” of RCBO is this?

A – The RCBO is a Type A.

Q – Can it be used on a 3 phase supply without a neutral?

A – Yes it can. Neutral is not required, but you should terminate the blue neutral lead in a terminal block.

Q – So what is the MCB characteristic of these devices?

A – Both the RCBO and MCB are C curve, available from 6A to 63A.

Q – Which Proteus MCB boards will it fit?

A – It will fit all Proteus boards that utilise the BX, twin stab, busbar. This means it will fit the following   ranges.  BX, XL, ABX MCB boards, OPBX O-PEN® boards, CBX and MCX combined frame boards and busbars fitted to custom built boards. Most boards built over the last 30 years. They all use the one piece, pressed BX busbar.

Q – What BS EN standard does this comply with?

A – It complies with BS EN 61009-1 and BS EN 61009-2-2.

This 10kA, Type A RCBO will save considerable space, time and money when installing on site or when designing custom built boards.  Gone are the days of having to accommodate additional enclosures fitted with 4 pole RCD’s.  These had to be cabled from a 3 pole MCB and the neutral bar in the adjacent MCB board. Now you can simply install our 4 pole RCBO, without having to do all this extra cabling