British Airways Headquarters




British Airways, nestled in the vibrant hub of Waterside, Harmondsworth, recognized a pivotal need within its headquarters—a transformative lighting upgrade. With a vision to modernize, enhance functionality, and elevate energy efficiency, the airline aimed to redefine brilliance within its workspace

Reasons for Upgrade:

British Airways had been using outdated fluorescent T8 lighting systems, which were not only inefficient but also incurred high operational costs. The reasons for the upgrade included:

High Operational Costs: The use of old fluorescent T8 lighting was proving to be costly to run, leading to increased energy expenses.

Maintenance Concerns: There was a recurring need for bulb replacements and maintenance services, contributing to additional expenses and interruptions in the office environment.

Desire for Controllability: Given the large open plan office space, British Airways sought lighting solutions that offered controllability to adjust and manage lighting levels efficiently as per varying needs throughout the day.

Modern Look and Feel: The company aimed to create a modern and visually appealing office space consistent with the rest of the office’s contemporary design, aligning with their brand image.

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Solution Implemented:

In response to these challenges, British Airways opted for a complete overhaul of their lighting systems, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics.

Lighting Upgrade Selection:

Ansell Lighting’s Pace Backlit 1200×600 Panel and Comfort product lines were selected due to their superior illumination quality, energy efficiency, controllability, and modern design aesthetics. The selected solutions addressed each of the company’s concerns:

The Pace Backlit Panels were strategically positioned across various areas to ensure uniform light distribution, reduce glare, and provide a comfortable working environment.
The Comfort series offered adjustable lighting settings, meeting the requirement for controllability in different zones of the office while complementing the modern aesthetics.

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Implementation Process:

British Airways collaborated closely with their facilities management team and lighting experts to oversee a seamless transition during the installation phase. The project involved meticulous planning, precise fixture placements, and adherence to safety protocols to minimize disruptions to daily operations.


The successful implementation of the lighting upgrade at British Airways Headquarters resulted in several significant outcomes:

Operational Cost Reduction: The transition to energy-efficient LED technology led to a noticeable reduction in power consumption, aligning with British Airways’ sustainability initiatives and reducing operational costs.
Decreased Maintenance Needs: The upgraded lighting systems lowered maintenance requirements, reducing the frequency of bulb replacements and associated maintenance costs.
Enhanced Controllability: The installed lighting fixtures provided the desired controllability, allowing adjustments in lighting levels across the expansive open plan office to suit varying needs.
Modernized Aesthetics: The modern design and improved lighting aesthetics brought a contemporary and visually appealing ambiance to the office space, aligning seamlessly with the rest of the office’s modern look.

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British Airways successfully executed a comprehensive lighting upgrade within its headquarters, achieving improved functionality, significant cost savings, enhanced controllability, and a modernized aesthetic across the workspace. The collaboration with Ansell Lighting exemplifies British Airways’ commitment to providing an efficient and visually appealing working environment for its employees while aligning with sustainability goals.

This lighting upgrade initiative at British Airways Headquarters showcases the airline’s dedication to innovation, cost-effectiveness, and creating an optimal working environment in line with their brand identity.