Wycombe Abbey


The Project

Wycombe Abbey is a boarding school for girls aged 11-18 years old. Established in 1896 as one of the first schools for girls, it remains committed to providing young women with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve and excel in their chosen field. A world leader in girls’ boarding education, the school has an impressive record of academic success and is consistently one of the top performers in public examinations.

NET LED first heard from Wycombe Abbey when the school was making plans to upgrade to LED lighting in its Performing Arts Building. The fluorescent lighting in the theatre required regular maintenance and replacements, so the school was looking for a more reliable, energy efficient option with improved lighting levels.

After NET LED was recommended by a local wholesaler, the NET LED Regional Sales Manager visited the school to survey the premises and understand its requirements.

The Solution

To address the issue of regular replacements, the fluorescent lighting in the school theatre was replaced with LG Essentials LED Low Bays, boasting 50,000 hours life and 50% energy savings.

A range of LED Panel Lights were also installed in the corridors and meeting rooms of the Performing Arts Building.

LED Wall Packs, featuring weather and dust-proof IP65 rated aluminium housings, were installed outside in the school car park. A photocell inside the Wall Pack ensures units are switched off during daylight hours while providing sufficient lighting levels at night.

The Result

Commenting on the new installations, the school’s Senior Electrician Simon Fox said: “The switch to LED lighting has created a brighter and cleaner environment in the Performing Arts Building and we expect to see considerable maintenance and energy savings in the long term.”

Wycombe Abbey is now planning to upgrade all its classrooms and office areas with LED Tri-Colour Panel Lights also supplied by NET LED, allowing for the colour temperature to be chosen at the time of installation. The Panel Lights can therefore be easily adapted to the purpose of the room and the same Panel Light model can be used throughout the premises. This saves time for the school with orders, while their local wholesaler saves stock space with one multi-option model.

Products Used