WHSmtih Store, Motorway Services



Customer brief: to provide a new heating solution to keep counter staff warm

Discreet ceiling grid heating for staff at a chilly till area in a busy services


The WHSmith retail store is situated inside the main entrance doors of a motorway services. The store is open to one side to the main entrance walkway and has chiller units which resulted in a lower mean radiant temperature within the close proximity. There is some airflow however this is not significant.


4 x Herschel Select 350W white ceiling grid panels were installed in a suspended ceiling grid above the counter area.


The staff have been much happier since the infrared ceiling panels have been installed. There were previously 2 x 2kW convector heaters under the desk which did very little in terms of keeping the staff warm and also kept blowing the electrics to both the chiller and the tills.