The Kimptons



“Achieving the ideal lighting within each room that accommodates different scenes and situations has brought this home to life. What’s more, savings have increased due to the Smart System reducing unnecessary energy usage. Providing this family with the smart control they wanted has transformed the way in which they live. ”says Tom Lane, Head of Smart Home Partnerships.


Harpenden, UK

The Kimptons



The Kimpton* family in Harpenden, UK, were considering investing in smart technology for their home. The reason behind this was mostly to save money by reducing their energy consumption. In addition, the ability to manage their home and control it via their phone, scheduling times according to their regular timetable and creating scenes appropriate for various activities, were also on their wish list. 

When looking into all their options, the AOne smart home system proved to be the perfect solution for them. It was affordable in comparison to many other systems; it was easy to find a qualified contractor to help install quickly as it did not require any rewiring; and it enabled the entire house and different types of lighting scenarios to become smart. 


Aurora’s AOne smart home solution, which is compatible for use with Samsung’s SmartThings Hub, offers homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their lighting as well as connect to other smart heating, locks, entertainment and security brands for a complete smart home solution. 

This family chose a selection of different products from the AOne range. Firstly, all lighting throughout the house was upgraded to smart LED alternatives. The AOne range offers a full retrofit solution with GU10s, GLS lamps, LED Strip and integrated fire rated downlights, all of which would be perfect for use in new build and renovation projects. 

The AOne range also includes a number of different wall mounted and hand held control devices. The AOne Rotary Dimmer is used throughout the upstairs bedrooms, allowing the family the usual dimming control that they were used to, however lamps can also be controlled via their mobile phones. 

The AOne Kinetic Wall Controller, which is wireless and battery free due to the energy generated from pressing the switch being used to activate control, was installed in the kitchen diner to create many different scenes. The AOne Remote Control enables wireless local room control, even when there’s no internet available. 

PIR Sensors , which allow users to set a timeout time to switch connected devices off making them perfect for rooms such as bathrooms and utility rooms, were installed throughout the house. Lux settings allow for the PIR to only be triggered when it gets dark, so lights are not being used unnecessarily during the day. 

Several AOne Double Wall Sockets were installed in various places, including the hallway, that enable the smart control over lamps, heating and other devices. One key location where it was inserted was in the child's room, enabling parental control and the locking of the socket at a certain time when play time had to come to an end. 


The Kimpton family now enjoy and benefit from a fully smart and automated home, and one which will save them £566 based on 5 hours per day, 365 days per year, with a cost of £0.12 KiloW/ hr with the simple transfer to LED alone. Further savings are likely to be achieved using a smart lighting system. 

They were extremely pleased with the introduction of the smart sensors. Despite the fact that they were already saving money by switching to LED lamps, they could now ensure that lamps were switched on only when rooms were in use. 

And finally, the Kimpton family linked up the AOne system to Alexa, enabling each room to be voice controlled by any family member.

*Kimpton is not the real family name.