PV Regeneration at Safari Park



NWT Energy specialise in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of solar PV systems in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors across the UK. PV installations on this scale contain a number of separate components, each essential to the proper functioning of the array.  These range from distribution boards, isolators and RCD protection to monitoring & metering, earthing and cable containment. Integrating each of these essential components and related sundries is a labour-intensive process that can interrupt other work and significantly delay the installation process.  Depending upon the available space, bespoke arrangement of the steel trunking, slots, paxolin, couplers & bushes required to allow for connection and energisation of all these items can take days.

CEF approached us to discuss the possibility of integrating all this equipment within a single enclosure, produced by Proteus Switchgear of Telford for a project to provide PV power regeneration for the animal enclosures at a well known safari park. Initially we felt that the cost of the panel was likely to be too high to consider this as a viable option. However our interest was piqued so we took Proteus up on their offer to design five bespoke cabinets for use on one of our 150kW solar PV systems.  After confirming that we were happy with the final design, Proteus provided us with the costs for the cabinets.  Their quote was substantially lower than expected and, taking into account the reduced installation time and space required for all of the equipment, switchgear, etc., theirs was an offer we could not ignore.

We decided to place our order for this project and Proteus lived up to expectations in every way.  The lead time for delivery was remarkable, especially considering our requirements, and the ease of installation made a substantial difference to the overall project duration.  Overall we achieved a significant cost saving on the project, in addition to leaving a more aesthetically pleasing result for the customer.

The Proteus bespoke cabinets have significantly reduced our labour costs when carrying out installations and the service that they have provided has been excellent throughout.