Offley Works



Offley Works in the heart of south west London was originally built at the end of the 19th century to produce pickles and chutneys. Recently the current owners, London Development Agency (LDA), appointed Matching Green Ltd. as their Private Development partner to create seven mews houses, two penthouses and 60,000sq. ft. of highly competitive, creative workspace.


To maintain a hint of its industrial legacy, the developer, James Allen, was keen to provide galvanised steel cable containment throughout and turned to Tamlex of Telford as a British manufacturer to provide solutions. To enhance the aesthetic effect, Tamlex were asked to provide the overhead cable tray with additional elongated piercings and further apertures where LED lamps could be installed. Dado style trunking with special punched apertures to allow for the power, voice and data outlets to be flushed in were also provided. Finishing on the floor, three compartment service boxes were used and let in with wood in-fills to match the authentic wood flooring.

Russell Jones of Progressive Electrical Ltd., the installers said, “It seemed that no matter what was asked of Tamlex they were be able to respond positively to provide a solution for us”.

Tamlex   Tamlex