Packaging Leader's Manufacturing Plant Achieves Best Safety Record in 30 Years With Slice


Intertape Polymer Group's (IPG) plant in Danville, Virginia, produces all manner of plastics, films and tapes. As such, employees use cutting tools of all kinds daily. This puts them at risk for lacerations and puncture injuries. In 2015, storeroom manager John Codispoti wrote to us, "The safety of our production staff is priority one!" He continued, "after decades of combatting cuts on fingers, hands and forearms, we turned to Slice, Inc. for an innovative solution." That solution was the Slice Ceramic Pen Cutter. The results of the switch were impressive. Codispoti explained that all production staff is required to wear gloves with any knife. "After testing," he said, "it was determined that people could use the [Slice] pen knives without cutting gloves." This provided an incentive for the switch-over, as employees prefer to work without gloves, especially during the hot summer months.

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