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Recently the Leeds based northern sales centre here in the UK, comprising of warehousing and offices, required a general upgrade and a change of use to several areas.

MHE (Halifax) Ltd were chosen as the preferred contractor who in turn selected various products from the UK manufacturer the Installations Materials Division for the switchgear and cable management.


“Quality of product and the ability to produce to the meet the client’s aesthetic expectation was very important,” said Mick Habergham, company director of MHE. For instance, in the open plan office environment a uPVC dado trunking system in black was requested from Centaur Manufacturing, with matching special power posts, strategically positioned under the desks with pre-fitted black socket outlets from wiring accessory company RPP. The posts in turn supplied RPP PDUs (Power Distribution Units) to feed the localised desks with all the necessary socket outlets.


The mains sub-distribution board was supplied from another IMD company, Proteus Industrial Switchgear from its BX Range with all the associated steel cable tray and trunking from Tamlex Steel Cable Management. Complementing the overall aesthetic and creating its own ambience, LED down lighting was also fitted directly into the cable tray.

“I cannot think of any other company”, continued Mick, “that could have met the needs and expectations in this way over such a diverse range products. By teamwork with IMD and ourselves we have a happy client which ultimately is what counts.”

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