Mirror demisters add to the luxurious finish in London landmark Centre Point Tower



The dramatic revamp underway within `London’s first skyscraper` is creating some of the most desirable residences in the capital. Keeping the bathrooms mirrors steam free are Heat Mat’s 230V demister pads in a number of sizes from the 700mm range.

The iconic Centre Point Tower was originally built in the 1960’s in the brutalist style. It is a grade II listed, 34-storey landmark and following extensive refurbishment will house 82 high-end apartments, each including between three and five bathrooms.

Working under international contractor Brookfield Multiplex, Mega Glass glass processors and installers of high-end fittings developed bespoke shower doors, screens and mirrors for the luxury development due to be completed in late 2017.


The bathrooms required an opulent feel and fittings to match the multi-million pound price tag of the apartments. This led Mega Glass to approach Heat Mat.

“The range of demister pad sizes available from Heat Mat proved far superior to other suppliers,” said Mega Glass Lead Contracts Manager, Adam Mimoni.

Heat Mat worked closely with Mega Glass to find an appropriate solution to heat the varied sizes of Mega Glass’s i-Clad safety glass mirrors and specify a range of different sized pads to fit the project requirements.

The glass is said to deliver some of the highest tolerances and strength capabilities available for 6mm laminated safety glass, reaching grade 1B.1 safety standards. Therefore a reliable and proven demister pad was essential.

The i-Clad safety glass mirrors range in size from 800mm by 1m to 2400mm by 1m and each is rimmed with 2,700K LED lighting then fitted with a Heat Mat demister pad which is bonded to the back.

“They worked closely with us, offering support throughout in extending cable leads to the pads to accommodate the long distances from mirrors to power sources,” comments Adam.

The demister pads are supplied with a lifetime warranty and guaranteed to keep the high-end bathrooms in Centre Point Tower steam free for many years to come.

Regularly applied within refurbishment projects, new builds and hotels, Heat Mat demister pads are simple to fit and automatically ensure mirrors are clear of steam, making them fundamental to the final performance of the mirror and the luxury feel of the bathrooms in Centre Point. Eight of the apartments, priced from £3m to £55m, changed hands just days after agents began actively marketing them.