Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) cable management systems provide robust yet lightweight, corrosion resistant solution for installations in aggressive or demanding environments.

Offering a large cable capacity plus all the features of concrete, aluminium, steel or stainless steel, GRP has the advantage of being far lighter in weight and simple to move around site as well as being strong, durable and long-lasting.

GRP is well suited to transport projects such as tunnels, bridges, railways, underground and airports, as well as coastal and petrochemical installations. 

Marshall-Tufflex is registered with the RISQS Scheme, an independent, third party qualification assessment of a supplier’s capability to supply products and services procured by the rail industry.  risqs

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GRP Tray

Non perforated – when the lid is fixed the tray acts as trunking, delivering a solution that meets the rail industry’s requirement that cables are enclosed.

Perforated – enabling easy fixing to brackets and the use of cable ties to secure cables. Can also be used as a trunking by fitting a lid. 

GRP Troughing

Used on railway track side as an alternative to concrete GRP Troughing is easy to install and offers an effective cost and time saving solution.

Movement around site is much easier as troughs can be carried rather than being driven or hoisted. 

GRP Ground Ducts

GRP Ground Ducts are ten times lighter than concrete and three times lighter than GRC making them quick and easy to transport around site.

Ground Duct Profile works with concrete ducts and can be installed retrospectively for a cost effective solution to revamping an installation. 

Unique Clip Design

Because GRP expands in heat Marshall-Tufflex has developed clips that ensure the lid remains firmly in place even when subjected to extreme heat expansion.