Major LED lighting upgrade cuts academy’s energy bills by up to 60%


R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd. carried out a comprehensive electrical services refurbishment incorporating a LED lighting upgrade covering the majority of the school’s facilities. In conjunction with R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd., the Dextra Lighting team assisted in providing a unique bespoke lighting solution using an array of energy efficient, high performance luminaires, tried-and-tested for the manifold requirements of the educational sector.

MODLED & Graduate LED – The luminaires of choice for colleges and schools.


The successful selection of luminaries included the popular MODLED for the school’s 4.5m high assembly hall and its capacious dining hall. The versatile recessed luminaire is commonly used in areas with lower ceilings such as receptions, offices and classrooms. however when customised to a high output variant of 6800 lumen, it becomes suitable for higher level lighting. As a result, its attractive, minimalist design enhanced both spaces; with its high transmission polycarbonate diffusers offering a high quality and uniform distribution of light.

The high performance MODLED provided extra savings for the client, as its higher lumen output and diffuser options enabled the main hall installation to be designed using the minimum amount of luminaries, whilst reaching the required lighting levels.

When confronted with such high ceilings, maintenance can be a costly and time-consuming affair. In such hard to reach areas, even a simple lamp change can result in considerable set-backs. By using high quality Philips LEDs and Philips or Tridonic drivers, the MODLED offers excellent efficiency and requires minimal maintenance; all at a highly competitive price.


The robust and energy efficient Graduate LED was installed in the main corridor adjacent to the main assembly hall and a number of classrooms. The highly successful Graduate range has long been a prominent feature in lighting projects for schools, universities and health care facilities. Now relaunched in a LED variant, it offers the added benefits of excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance. The Graduate LED’s steel housing and robust design provide added protection against the rigours of busy school environments. Also manufactured with Dextra’s unique opal polycarbonate diffuser, the Graduate LED guarantees optimum light output ratio, whilst ensuring excellent diffusion of the LED source.

In addition, all lumen outputs for the MODLED and Graduate range can be offered with HFR, DALI, Switch or DSI dimming packages, which combined with Dextra Group’s range of daylight and presence detection systems, can increase the client’s energy savings whilst complying with CRC regulations and carbon emission targets.

The brand-new Prosport LED

The Prosport LED was recently designed and manufactured at Dextra to satisfy a growing demand in purpose-built LED solutions for sports applications. The brand-new luminaire has made a positive impact on the West Midlands school gym, providing huge energy savings and superior quality of light, whilst being cost effective.

The Prosport LED is designed to provide effective replacement for 3×80 and 4×80 T5 luminaires in gyms and other sports applications with four critical elements in mind:


1. Durability
The IK10 rated Prosport LED was selected for the gym due to its robust steel housing, injection moulded polycarbonate end caps and a curved clear polycarbonate diffuser, which ensure that the luminaire is able to withstand ball strikes and eliminates the risk of shattered lamps, which can occur with fluorescent or HID luminaires. It’s aesthetically pleasing, curved housing design also prevents balls and shuttlecocks from lodging on to the rear.

2. High quality lighting
High quality lighting is essential for all sporting applications to ensure satisfactory player experience. Available in a range of lumen outputs from 17,000lm to 23,000lm, the versatile Prosport LED allows lighting solutions to be designed to give optimum light levels and uniform coverage.

An asymmetrical bracket option also allows the luminaire to be angled effectively for tennis or badminton, whilst the standard symmetrical luminaire is perfect for football, basketball and netball appliances. These bespoke options offer the Prosport LED the necessary adaptability to provide the highest quality of light to suit a wide range of sporting applications.

3. Cost effective installation
The installation process can have a considerable effect on the clients return of investment. In this light, the Prosport LED is supplied with a zintec spine and prewired cabling, making installation in the academy’s gym both quick and easy, saving extra labour costs and avoiding the inconvenience of keeping the facilities closed during school hours.

The Prosport LED is also installed with a rigid suspension offering extra protection where ball strikes often occur, reducing the risk of incurring further maintenance costs.

4. Energy efficiency
By combining the above mentioned factors and the excellent efficiency and low maintenance of LED, the Prosport LED is able to provide energy savings in a number of ways. As demonstrated in the school’s gymnasium, only 8 Prosport LED luminaries were needed to replace the previous 12 T5 fittings to reach the required lighting levels. In addition to using a significantly lower number of fittings, the overall lighting load in the gym was cut from 3996 Watts down to 1692 Watts; a staggering energy reduction of approximately 60%. The Prosport LED is also available in HFR and DALI dimming, giving clients further lighting control.


Hydra LED – Industrial grade durability for a host of applications


The versatile and robust Hydra LED was utilised to illuminate the academy’s kitchen and storage areas. Thanks to the benefits of LED, this luminaire can be offered in a wide range of lumen outputs with light output ratios in excess of 90%.

The IP65 rated Hydra LED is suitable for all applications where protection from dirt and dust ingress and light impact is essential and areas where temperatures can reach as low as -20°C.

Supplied with stainless steel clips and screws and complete tooled access in compliance with current regulations, the Hydra LED is durable and easily serviceable. In addition, its efficient and long-lasting Philips LED sources, make it the ideal low maintenance choice for areas where access is often difficult and potentially costly.

The Hydra LED can also be offered in a range of dimming variants and with integral three hour emergency, to maximise energy savings.


The Mirus Academy lighting project has been extremely well received. The staff have given excellent feedback on the performance of the luminaries and are thrilled about the remarkable cuts in their energy bills. The client can also rely on Dextra Group’s 5 year warranty for additional peace of mind.

R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd.’s choice of selecting the Dextra Lighting range, contributed to the overall success at the Walsall based school, which can be added to an already vast and excellent portfolio as lighting suppliers for the educational sector nationwide. The benefits of the LED upgrade, now enjoyed by the academy, are most likely to attract positive attention from other educational establishments, creating future opportunities to improve their facilities through green, energy efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.