Efficiency, sustainability and affordability; West Midlands school enjoys the benefits of LED


Dudley Council invests in Dextra Lighting’s top class luminaires for Hillcrest School’s energy-conscious renovation project.

Description: LED upgrade

As part of its fervent commitment to making sure local people receive the best possible public services, R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd. a long established reputable company approached Dextra Lighting, as one of their preferred suppliers, to assist in a major LED upgrade for Hillcrest School and Community College. The comprehensive school educates over 1000 pupils and also functions as a teaching college, delivering the best results for its students, their parents and the wider community. As a result, the local council was determined to optimise the energy and maintenance efficiency of the school by investing in precision-engineered LED lighting, allowing the establishment to operate in a green and cost-effective way, whilst providing lighting suitable for a modern learning environment.


Description: LED upgrade

The Hillcrest School relighting project included a number of classrooms, laboratories and corridors. The brief required the original T5 fluorescent lighting to be replaced by a completely redesigned, energy efficient LED installation that would satisfy the both the practical and aesthetic needs of the client.

In order to design an effective lighting scheme, knowledge of the different tasks in classrooms or work areas is important, as each activity requires its own light conditions. With this in mind, the versatile Revox LED luminaire, with its range of lumen outputs, was selected for both the classrooms and laboratories. The luminaire’s lower 4400 lumen option was installed in the classrooms, comfortably providing the required 300 to 350 Lux levels for quotidian teaching environments. The science labs, on the other hand, were fitted with the higher lumen package of 6600lm to achieve the recommended light level of 500 Lux for science related tasks. In both scenarios, the necessary light levels were achieved whilst successfully maintaining both aesthetic continuity and a high uniformity of fittings throughout. Students and teachers now benefit greatly from a lighting solution that supports them optimally in performing their activities.

Beyond the flexibility offered by its range of lumen outputs, the Revox LED’s performance is boosted by a combination of the latest Philips LED sources and Dextra’s high transmission microprism panels, offering a high light output ratio, excellent efficiency and minimal maintenance. In situations where maintenance is required, the luminaire’s hinged carrier is easily accessible through a practical twist lock system.

In addition to efficiency, the Revox LED offers an attractively designed steel housing, powder painted in white, with curved satine blend injected moulded wings, making it suitable for a variety of school, office or meeting room applications.

Description: LED upgrade

A bespoke integral sensor housing is also incorporated in this luminaire to accommodate an optional mini head sensor providing presence detection, daylight regulation and remote control function. The Revox LED can be supplied with all common dimming control gear types such as: HFR, Switch, DSI and Dali, to ensure compatibility with building management systems, sensor controls and wall mounted dimming switches. When used in combination, these lighting controls can offer drastic reductions in energy consumption.

Available in recessed or semi-recessed versions, the Revox LED is designed for easy lay in or pull up installation, making it highly adaptable to a range of ceiling types.

In the school’s corridors, the Graduate Recessed LED was installed in a 4800 lumen capacity and distributed at 3.6m spacings to achieve the required 200Lux light level for the area. Thanks to the wide selection of options singular to the Graduate Recessed LED, the corridor space was enhanced through a uniform distribution of fittings, offering optimum light coverage with no traces of light pooling

Available in 600mm x 600mm, or 1200mm x 600mm sized fittings and an extremely wide spectrum of output packages ranging from 3500lm to as far as 14,400lm, the Graduate Recessed LED is a highly versatile luminaire, equally effective for retrofitting projects or newly designed LED upgrade solutions.

Description: LED upgrade

Manufactured in a white powder painted steel housing with precoat aluminium white gull-wing reflectors, the Graduate Recessed LED features a robust yet aesthetically pleasing construction, perfectly suited to a variety of decors and environments.

The Graduate Recessed LED’s excellent performance is owed to a superb combination of high quality LEDs and a prismatic opal extruded diffuser, which help provide an optimum light output ratio whilst operating at a L2 compliant luminaire efficacy of 60 Llm/W.

Installation was made cost and time effective thanks to the luminaire’s lay in version, which greatly facilitated fitting in the corridors’ suspended ceiling grids.

The Graduate Recessed LED is compatible with Dextra’s wide range of dimming and sensor controls to maximise performance and energy savings. At present, the Graduate Recessed LED is also available with air handling; a unique feature amongst Dextra Lighting’s LED modular range, allowing the luminaire to be efficiently integrated with a building’s BMS or air-con system.

The results of the LED upgrade were received extremely positively by R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd., Hillcrest School, and Dudley Council. Thanks to Dextra Lighting’s bespoke LED luminaires, lessons can now be held in purpose lit environments operating at a fraction of the power load, while the corridors have been transformed into welcoming and better illuminated spaces. Dudley Council can rest assured that the new sustainable lighting scheme will not only result in significant financial paybacks, but that their investment will also be covered by Dextra’s 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind.