Combibloc Meets Regulations


blyueCombibloc from gewiss provides the ideal solution for Caravan Parks to meet the 18th Edition Electrical Wiring Regulations deadline in January 2019
The 18th Edition wiring regulations state that as of January 2019 ‘electrical sockets on caravan sites need to prevent the socket being live when accessible’. To meet this regulation, all sockets supplying power must include an interlock mechanism. 
To meet the new regulations on caravan parks, electrical contractors can install new mechanical interlock sockets.  However, most interlocks on the market are larger than standard sockets, so take up a bigger footprint.  This could mean the existing distribution board cannot house them and will also need to be replaced.
GEWISS COMBIBLOC Compact Interlocked Switched Socket meets the regulations and is easy to install
GEWISS has the ideal solution to meet the new regulations without overhauling existing equipment - the surface mount COMBIBLOC, a compact, interlocked switched socket. These sockets have a smaller footprint than standard interlocks (approximately 40% of the surface area compared to an equivalent vertical interlock) and it’s the same width as the existing panel mount socket.
The COMBIBLOC range offers new smaller dimensions of just 71mm wide x 122mm high for interlocked switched socket outlets with 16-32A versions in a single size. They can be fixed to a flush mounted box from GEWISS Q DIN distribution board ranges. The vertically-operated lever is easy to use and can be fitted with a safety lock. The tilted socket outlet makes it easy to insert the plug and keeps the power cable at the correct angle for safety. Available in IP44 and IP55 versions.