Fluke MP1 Set



Connecting measurement instruments to three phase voltage supplies presents a significant safety risk. Improving the ease and simplicity of making these electrical connections reduces the risk. The MP1 probes are designed for use with screw heads of metal contacts that have magnetic attraction such as carbon steel alloys. The probes have a 4mm banana socket suitable for use with any standard 4mm plug test leads. The probe tips are suitable for easy access to metal screws on circuit breakers, relays terminal blocks etc. The tip of the probe is a super strong neodymium magnet which provides enough magnetic force to support the probe assembly and test lead without the need of an alligator clip making attachment of the probe very quick and easy. The probe is rated at 1,000V CATIII and meets or exceeds all applicable international safety standards.

Discount Structure

Follows same discount as the Fluke 1736 mainframe and accessories discounts. 

Package Contents

Fluke MP1 includes: Four magnetic voltage probes and safety sheets in 14 languages.

Delivery Schedule

ATP: 2-4 weeks at launch, depending region



Model-Specific Applications 

MP1 Magnetic Probe Set 

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Electrical Technicians

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Power Utility Engineers and Technicians

  • Energy Savings Consultants

Connection to conductors of single and polyphase power supplies containing ferrous metals.

Load Studies

Energy Studies

Electrical Troubleshooting

Power Quality Troubleshooting

Power Quality Surveys

Product Elevator Pitch

The MP1 magnetic voltage probe set consists of four black probes with powerful magnetic tips that are ideal for use inside electrical switchgear panels.  The slim probe easily fits into terminal blocks and magnetically grips the screws in the block providing:

Higher safety, faster connection

Rated to CAT III 1,000V,  CAT IV 600V; time to connect is shortened minimizing exposure to hazardous voltages. 

Easy Handling

The tactile finger guards enables easy handling even with gloved hands

Flexible, standardized solution

The 4mm sockets allows the connection of a wide range of test leads

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use this probe on copper or aluminum bus bars?

Answer: No, magnetic probes can only be fixed to metal part containing iron such as steel, screws in terminal connections are typically steel.

Question: How many probes are supplied?

Answer: The MP1 kit consists of four black probes.

Question: Can I use these probes with a digital multimeter?

Answer: Yes, as long as the voltage test leads have a 4mm socket at each end.

Question: How strong in the magnet?

Answer: There is no definitive number, it depends on the flatness of the surface the probe is connecting to, the probes easily support 2m test leads.