Recommended Workshop Essentials



Draper are very pleased to have not one, but two products recommended in a recent Auto Express feature on essential tools for the workshop.

The feature in the 8-14th March issue includes some great advice on kitting out the garage or workshop ready for tackling vehicle maintenance and repairs. When it comes to spanners, Auto Express recommended the Draper Hi-Torq® Metric Coloured Combination Spanner set (23017), praising the set’s ease of use and handy colour coding.

For certain jobs, only a pair of pliers will do. Auto Express named the Draper Tools 5 Piece Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (33057) as its top choice for the workshop. The set which is hardened and tempered with textured grips and captive double leaf springs was praised for its sprung handles, end cutters and the included bent-nose versions.

Thanks to Auto Express for the recommendations! If you’d like more information or stockist details for the workshop essentials featured, click the product links above.