New products for 2016


The Halobay offers a highly efficient yet architecturally pleasing solution for medium to high level installations in a wide range of retail and commercial applications. With a spun aluminium housing and dished high transmission opal diffuser the Halobay creates an attractive luminous halo providing excellent light levels and uniformity without compromising the aesthetic of your installation.

With its circular balanced design and centralised control gear the Halobay is suitable for single point suspension ensuring that traditional HID Highbay luminaires can be quickly and easily replaced without the need to modify infrastructure minimising the cost of installation.

With two lumen outputs, DALI, DSI, Switch Dim and Analogue dimming options as well as integral emergency the Halobay can be configured to suit a range of mounting heights and site requirements with energy consumption typically half that of an equivalent HID luminaire providing excellent return on investment.

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The Velouté is the latest addition to the Dexretail range of track mounted spot lights, manufactured from die cast aluminium and designed with rounded edges and concealed fixings this beautifully sculpted product effortlessly blends with its surroundings. All Velouté luminaires are supplied with a three circuit adaptor with a rotary dial for circuit selection and to allow individual luminaires to be switched on and off. Whilst the three circuit adaptor allows for simple adjustment of luminaire position along the length of the track, all luminaires can also be rotated and pivoted allowing for lighting displays to be quickly and simply adjusted to suit store changes with minimal expense and time. Available in a wide range of lumen outputs and colour temperatures this unique product is the perfect choice for the modern retail environment.

To compliment these luminaires we also offer a complete range of three circuit track in both 1m and 3m lengths with starters, ends, joiners, T pieces and corners.

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For premium office applications the Rubix brings a new level of style and functionality to the market. Nine individual cells with precise optical control allow for spacings up to three by three metres whilst still maintaining 400 lux on the working plane at typical ceiling heights and also providing compliance with UGR 19 in most room sizes and meeting the 3000 candela BSEN 12464 requirement. The main source is complimented by a surrounding diffused back lit halo ensuring that the Rubix combines a unique style with optimum performance.

The halo effect brings a new level of customisation to the Dextra recessed range with the option to individually switch either the 9 cells or the halo allowing for low level background lighting or emergency function. The halo can also be offered in a range of colours allowing for interesting visual effects or to match corporate colour branding.
These options are combined with all common emergency and dimming options as well as excellent energy efficiency and minimal maintenance ensuring that the Rubix provides the lowest possible lifetime cost.

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