Twist Drill Sets for Every Situation



Are you aware that DART Tool Group has a range of exceptional quality Twist Drill Sets? 

Manufactured to DIN338 standards, the range includes HSS Cobalt, Ground, TIN Coated and Rolled. As we all know, twist drills are the most common and easiest way to put a hole in steel, wood or non-ferrous materials, but with so many options to choose from, it’s important that the correct one is chosen for the specific application.

DART’s Cobalt Twist Drills are a high quality steel drill bit with a 5% cobalt shaft –these can be used on the toughest of material, including stainless steel and will give the user a much longer life and can be run at higher speeds. 

The Ground Twist Drills are industrial quality drills and are suitable for drilling cast iron, sheet metal and also wood and PVC. These are also available as Long Series, which is a unique offering from DART in the market.

The M2 TIN Coated are excellent for fast, repeat drilling and have been cited to ‘outperform other leading brands’ and provide ‘superb value for money’. All of the above mentioned drills have a 135 degree split point tip for drilling without pre-centring. The Rolled drill, on the other hand, is a great value product which easily copes with drilling metal, wood and PVC and has a 118 degree tip angle and black finish.

The best thing is that all these drills are available in sets and come in handy, robust and very durable plastic cases. Both a19 piece and a 25 piece set is available for each range, containingdrills going up in half mmincrements. This truly provides a Twist Drill for every situation!