New Vent-Axia Pure Air



A filter to take care of health and home

The focus on Indoor Air Quality has never been as strong as it is today. Pressure on local councils require air quality reports to be completed in most habitable areas whilst changes to local construction legislation puts responsibility on developers to ensure air to dwellings is filtered to increasingly higher standards. Whilst the Vent-Axia Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) range offers high levels of particle filtration, up to and including F7, the New Vent-Axia Pure Air now sets the benchmark for high level filtration. The Vent-Axia Pure Air targets pollutants generated outside of the home, by traffic and industrial processes, and reduces these before supplying the air into the dwelling. MVHR is the most energy efficient and effective method of ventilation in new homes. Air is extracted from ‘wet’ rooms (bathrooms, kitchen) and exhausted to outside. At the same time fresh, filtered, pre-warmed air is supplied into ‘habitable’ rooms (lounge and bedrooms). Clean filtered air is circulated throughout the home every two hours. MVHR not only extracts harmful pollutants but also allows the air coming into the home to be filtered, taking out harmful airborne bacteria and dangerous contaminants. The Vent-Axia Pure Air filter is fitted to the intake airflow and incorporates two types of filtration: • Enhanced activated Carbon which removes unpleasant odours and harmful gasses such as Nitrous Oxide (NO2). • G4 or F7 particulate filters which can remove tiny airborne contaminants such as pollen, bacteria and even PM2.5 diesel particulates. The combination of MVHR and Vent-Axia Pure Air filtration offers the ideal indoor environment.

Particle Filtration

Vent-Axia Pure Air is available with G4 or F7 particle filters. G4 filters can remove up to 90% of the PM10 particles in the air, this includes some bacteria, most pollens and many types of industrial dust. The finer F7 filters remove up to 80% of the tiny PM2.5 particles, this includes fine diesel particulates.

Nitrogen Dioxide Filter

In urban areas vehicles are responsible for about 99% of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution. Respiratory problems and increased incidences of asthma result from high levels of NO2. The Vent-Axia Pure Air filters incoming air, helping to meet World Health Organisation guidelines for NO2levels in homes.

Meeting IAQ levels

Particle filters conform to EN 779 and combined with specially formulated gas filters, help meet indoor air quality levels conforming to EU Directive 2008/50/EC.

Extensive Model Range

From small apartments to large offices, Vent-Axia Pure Air has a range of sizes to suit. The size and specification of each unit will be determined by the required airflow of each application.

Spigot Options

A range of rectangular and round spigot sizes, including combinations of both offer unique versatility at the point of installation. The filter unit can be installed vertically or horizontally allowing optimum use of space.

Noise Attenuation

In addition to improving air quality, external noise is attenuated as it passes through the unit thus reducing induct noise and helping to achieve specified sound levels in dwellings.

For more information visit the Vent-Axia websitehttps://www.vent-axia.com/range/new-vent-axia-pure-air