How much effort should it take to change a lightbulb?


Fern Howard

Fern-Howard think that changing a lightbulb should be as easy as… changing a lightbulb. Even when it comes to swapping out 2D CFL bulbs in bulkheads and replacing them with modern LED alternatives.

LED has a number of widely-accepted advantages over CFL, true they may be more expensive, but they last three times as long, use half the energy and require no maintenance. But converting a run of CFL bulkheads has always had is problems, there were fiddly settings to make, and different colour temperatures meant you had to swap all the lamps - or none at all - if you wanted a consistent result.

Fern-Howard’s new 16W and 28W LED TC-DD lamps change all that. Their 3500K colour temperature means any bulkhead with a new LED lamp will look identical to any with an old CFL lamp – mixing and matching is no longer a problem. And voltage auto-sensing means it simply pushes into to the lamp holder and works.

So, converting even the longest run of existing 2D lamps is now easy, fast and trouble free. Changing a lightbulb really has become as easy as changing a lightbulb. And why wouldn’t you want to change? There’s no flickering, there’s instant starting, and targeted light means less energy is required to light a room to the same level. LED TC-DD lamps last 40,000 hours too - so once the job’s done, it stays done for a very long time indeed.