VTAC’s Proposition to Car park Lighting


V-TAC offers non corrosive integrated LED solution in 600MM, 1200MM & 1500MM with the option of single and twin replacements

What the client wants

The client intends to refurbish the surface finishes of a 24/7 multi-storey car park. This will include a new lighting installation, replacing the existing fixtures which have gone beyond their rated life and are performing below the original design parameters.


 V-TAC’s proposition

The existing wiring has been thoroughly tested and can be retained, meaning that the lighting improvements can be dealt with on the basis of a one-for-one replacement, replacing the existing inefficient fluorescent fixtures by more efficient LED luminaires.

This design exercise compares the existing luminaire, which uses a single 58W T8 fluorescent tube, with an LED luminaire of similar physical size, but which has a higher light output and longer quoted lamp life.

Maintenance costs

Fluorescent and LED installations need to be managed in very different ways. While we're used to the idea of a fluorescent lamp failing and having to be replaced, the myth around the LED source is that maintenance is not required. This is not true.

Looking at this comparison, fluorescent lamps should be changed on a bi-annual basis, which means an amortised annual cost of £40 per 100m2.

The electronics of the LED have a longer life, but performance will fall over time. The figures here suggest that the LED array and driver will need to be replaced after eight years. Again, that means looking at an amortised annual cost of around £45 per 100m2.

V-TAC Products to be used:


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