Triflow removes the guesswork


Thurrock Campus

When working on a plumbing installation for a specialised contract, you want to be assured of tight, effective joints, which seem to have been the thinking when contractors PSi made Conex Bänninger Triflow solder ring the product of choice at the new Thurrock Campus build for South Essex College.

The new £45 million Thurrock campus, in Gray, Essex is due to open September 2014, and comprises of two buildings, the East Block which has 3 levels, and the West block which has 4 levels. It will include restaurants, health facilities, shops and an advice centre, as well as specialist workshops and studio spaces linked to courses for technology, media and creative arts, and facilities for art, design, logistics, engineering and IT courses.

Main contractor, Skanska, is now on site working to complete the project, having had contractors PSi on board since early August 2013. PSi has not only been responsible for the installation of the soil & vent system, the rainwater harvesting system, incoming mains water, low temperature hot water and natural gas. WRAS approved Conex Bänninger - Triflow Solder Ring has been used for joints of 54mm down in the installation of the domestic hot water system, cold-water storage tank services and the boosted cold water storage system from the West plant room to the various points around the building.

triflow story

Triflow has the correct quantity of lead-free solder integrated into each fitting from production, so when heat is applied, the solder fills the gap between the tube and fitting by capillary action to form a mechanically strong, leak-proof joint without the need for external solder application. The predictability takes the guesswork out of achieving tight, effective soldered end feed joints. John Whybrow of PSi commented, ‘Triflow has proved to be a secure fitting in the past which is why we were happy to use it in a project of this scale.’

Dave Dickson, UK Commercial Sales Director, said, ‘We are delighted to be able to offer such a comprehensive range of solder ring fittings. Besides the security of the fit, Triflow comes with more reassurances for the installer in that the range meets the most stringent conditions imposed by the water regulations against the effect of materials on drinking water quality as lead-free solder is used.’

Only lead-free solder complying with EN 29453 and ISO 9453 (S-Sn99Cu1 Tin-Copper) is used in the construction of the joint, which is applied to the solder bead.

Triflow comes in a complete range of straight connectors, bends, elbows and tees so is ideal for a project that has multiple applications such as this. Their design has been refined, improved and fine-tuned over the years, and has become a reliable choice for the professional plumber.