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SPIT is a leading manufacturer of direct fastening systems into concrete and steel. Recognised as one of the most well-known direct fixing brands within the construction industry, we also pride ourselves on providing the very best in heavy duty, mechanical and chemical fixings. With leading products in our range such as the Pulsa concrete gas nailer and Tapcon concrete screws, you can be rest-assured that you will always have a high-quality product with a dedicated service team at hand too. To learn more about our products, visit our website at www.itwcp.co.uk


Founded in 1951 in Valence, France, SPIT (which stands for Société de Prospection et d’Inventions Techniques) has been providing innovative solutions across Europe for over 70 years. From our first PAT nailing system for concrete and steel in 1951, and our first Gas Nailing System in 1962 through to our latest innovations with the Pulsa 40 system in 2021, SPIT continues to work with distributors and end users in the drylining and the M&E trade to offer the best solutions to get the job done as safely, as efficiently, and as effectively as possible.

Did you know that 90% of our SPIT products are produced in Western Europe? With factories in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Holland, we continue to provide you with quick and easy solutions made right on your doorstep.

SPIT is part of a wider organisation called ITW Construction Products, which includes well-known brands such as Paslode, Haubold, StockADE, Cullen, GangNail and Danley. For all your construction product needs, we are there to help you and your customers provide the best service possible.


Maximise productivity with the NEW Pulsa 40E. This cordless gas nailer for fixing electrical cable management systems into concrete, steel, masonry and timber is one of the fastest, most durable and most reliable tools on the market. As an electrician, you can conform to 18th Edition regulations with our comprehensive range of specialist MEP accessories. Whether it is cable tie mounts (Clip Elec or Metal Clip Elec) for securing cables, the Steel P-Clip for attaching conduit, or the Threaded Rod Hanger for suspending light containment, the Pulsa 40E system will save you time and money against traditional methods of fixing.

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Our range of heavy and light duty concrete screws are designed with YOU in mind, saving you time and ensuring you get the job done safely. Learn more here.

TAPCON® BLUE: Self-tapping screws with advanced threadform technology, our masonry products come with a blue Climaseal® coating. This coating provides extra protection against rust and also provides a durable finish that allows for an easy installation. The 2 designs available are:

  • Hex Head – providing an excellent bearing to the surface of the item being fastened, and now comes with underhead ribs to resist spinouts and headsnaps.
  • Countersunk Head - ideal for attaching wood to masonry or other items that require the head of the fasteners to sit flush with the surface of the item being attached. Now redesigned with star head to increase productivity and reduce bit slips.

TAPCON® XTREM: Fire Rated, Seismic and ETA Approved Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete. The Tapcon XTREM range is perfect for seriously heavy loads, with induction hardening for high resistance at the top of the thread. It also comes in a range of different head types to fit many applications:

  • Countersunk XTREM - ETA Seismic Approved, fire rated, industry leading high performance concrete anchor for trunking, suspended ceiling, scaffolding, hanging services from ceiling or walls and much more.

  • HFL XTREM - ETA and seismic application approved concrete ‘anchor screw’, that reduces installation time and edge / spacing distance. Use for formwork, M&E, Façade, demolition, safety barriers and much more.

TAPCON®: Fire rated, high performance silver screws for installing channel, support systems and services.

  • Tapcon® Rod - ETA Approved, fire rated concrete anchor, ideal for installing support systems and services. Use for MEP, HVAC, signage and lighting, suspended ceiling, fire protection and much more.
  • Tapcon® Dome - High performance, low-profile concrete screw anchor ideal for installing channel systems. Use for MEP, signage and lighting, HVAC, fire protection, channel, ventilation and shallow embedment applications.

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Our SPITFIRE P370 and P560 systems are powder actuated mechanical tools, used to drive fasteners into concrete or steel using an indirect firing system, to increase safety while using the tool. With different cartridges offering different levels of firepower, these PAT systems can be used for fixing head track with more than 20mm deflection, formwork stoppers, timber sole plates, steel grid/grating/mesh floors, rigid insulation, SFS and much more. With an automatic piston return which promises a higher install rate, power adjustment for fixes into varying strengths of substrate and energy absorbing dampners to reduce recoil and HAV risks, this tool offers a solution to those jobs that require a little bit more punch. The maintenance of this tool can easily be done on site too, as it benefits from a universal piston, and has no battery to slow you down. For more information click here to visit our website.