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Atkore Unistrut - A remarkable brand with an extraordinary 100-years-long history

Atkore Unistrut is the premium brand in Metal Framing, electrical and mechanical supports with a history dating back to 1920’s. The original Unistrut Metal Framing system still provides today a quick, economical, and easy way of building both temporary and permanent structures as required.

Atkore Unistrut is the world leader in its field and has been instrumental in pioneering what is now regarded as the benchmark by other manufacturers. Atkore Unistrut manufacturers state of the art products in construction and engineering services. Continually expanding its capabilities through innovation research and product development, Atkore Unistrut provide our customers with effective and innovative products and construction solutions for all.

 Atkore Unistrut leads the industry with the most comprehensive line of channels and fittings, along with a complete line of Cable Management systems including Tray, Ladder and Trunking. All of our products are available in a range of material finishes from Mild Steel to Stainless Steel. Atkore is backed by a worldwide network of engineering and distribution centres, Atkore Unistrut is the number one choice for all your metal framing and cable management needs.

With an extensive array of products, we can help to deliver systems and solutions to manage and route your cables safely and securely:

▲  Channel / Strut

▲  Channel fixings

▲  Cable Tray & Accessories

▲  Cable Ladder & Accessories

▲  Pipe Clips and Clamps

▲  Mounting Systems

▲  Surface Trunking

▲  Lighting Trunking

▲  Underfloor Systems

Part of the Atkore Family

Atkore Unistrut is proud to be part of the Atkore family of brands. Atkore is a leading manufacturer of electrical solutions that power and protect the world around us. For nearly a century, we have grown through a deep understanding of the high demands of the construction industry. Our portfolio of industry-leading brands, coupled with our breadth of products and solutions, brings exceptional value to our customers.

Our Mission

Atkore's mission is to be our customers' first choice by providing unmatched quality, delivery and value based on sustainable excellence in strategy, people and process.

Global manufacturing serving global markets

Our 5,000 employees and 47 manufacturing facilities worldwide are contributing to a future where engineers, contractors and our distributor partners can research, select, specify, procure and install the right solutions on time and under budget.

Environmental, Social Governance

Our commitment to producing high quality products while ensuring that all materials used in the manufacturing of our products are free of conflict minerals, lessens the negative impact to the people that create, use and deliver our products, while protecting the environment in which we work. We are invested in making environment, health, and Allied Tube safety an indispensable part of our company’s commitment to sustainability.

Our other brand offerings

Our market-leading brands – Atkore Unistrut, Atkore Marco and Atkore Flexicon – provide a versatile one-stop product solution for diverse markets including data centres, commercial, healthcare, industrial, and rail. Find out more about our other brand offerings below.

Atkore Marco
High-quality and lightweight uPVC cable management systems and steel wire cable tray from the leading UK-based containment solution manufacturer. Products include fast-fix accessories such as uPVC trunking, poles & benches, and steel wire cable tray that have been carefully designed to make installation quick and convenient.
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Atkore Flexicon
Over 62 metallic & non-metallic flexible conduit systems, manufactured and tested to the highest standards. With a wide range of materials and options available, a simple, safe and secure way of protecting cables in many technically demanding applications is made possible.
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