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Handheld 3D Scanner Kit, 3D Scan of Existing Site Conditions, Portable Intuitive & Affordable
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Rapid Positioning System, For Common Layout Jobs, Measure Positions Faster
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Robotic Total Station, Construction Layout Solution, For MEP
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Robotic Total Station, Construction Layout Solution, For MEP
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Robotic Total Station, Construction Layout Solution, For MEP
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Laser Scanner, 3D Scanning Solution, Simple User Interface

Amtech is the UK market leading manufacturer of specialist software for the building services industry.

Our range of software is designed specifically for the needs of Building Service Engineers and Contractors and includes the most well known brands in the industry, including: Amtech, Luckins, Estimation & ArtrA. A unique advantage of Amtech software is the integration between many products - for example, Electrical Design software integrates with Certification software.

Amtech has been operating a Quality Management System since 1994 which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 so you can be confident the software is built to the highest standard.

Full technical support is available for all our products. Our large team of qualified engineers are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have. We also provide a range of training courses for Amtech software.

Trimble DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner Kit

Capture 3D scan data of existing site conditions.  Portable, intuitive and affordable.

For MEP contractors who need to capture detailed data on the worksite, nothing beats scanned data for its ability to document the complete 3D scene on site. 3D scans provide you with datasets that are dimensionally accurate, measurable and shareable to eliminate any guesswork or interpretation back at the office. The DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner lowers the barrier to entry for 3Dscanning and unlocks powerful "as-built" data deliverables your team can trust.

The Trimble RealWorks point cloud modeling software enables you to register, visualize, explore and manipulate as-built data collected from your DPI-8 Handheld 3d Scanner or the Trimble TX5 laser scanner. (Click the image for larger view).

Click for larger image of Trimble DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner Kit

Trimble RPT600 Rapid Positioning System

For common layout jobs on the construction site; measure positions faster, more easily and more accurately.



Trimble RTS655, RTS773 & RTS873 Robotic Total Stations

Definitive construction layout solution for MEP.  Increase layout productivity whilst reducing cost and remedial works.


Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner

Highly versatile 3D scanning solution.  Compact and lightweight with a simple user interface.