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TF 7 4QS

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Text Holders

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
07380131011 Holder, PTE10-285 Text, w/o Adhesive 285mmTransparent
07380132011 Holder, PTES10-285 Text Adhesive 285mmTransparent
07380134011 Holder, PTE10-1000 Text, w/o Adhesive 1000mmTransparent
07380135011 Holder, PTES10-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mmTransparent
07380161010 Holder, PGS10-285 Text Adhesive 285mmBlack
07380162001 Holder, PGS10-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mmWhite
07380162010 Holder, PGS10-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mmBlack
07380165000 Holder, MT10-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mm
07380231000 Holder, PT19-285 Text, w/o Adhesive 285mm
07380235010 Holder, PGS19-285 Text Adhesive 285mmBlack
07380235001 Holder, PGS19-285 Text Adhesive 285mmWhite
07380236010 Holder, PGS19-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mmBlack
07380236001 Holder, PGS19-1000 Text Adhesive 1000mmWhite

Established in 1920, SES Sterling has become market leaders within the cable management and warning label sector in most European countries. Our seven large manufacturing plants give the facility to offer one of the largest product ranges, which include: cable markers, cable fixings, slotted cable trunking, warning labels, braided sleeving, neoprene sleeves, heatshrink, tooling etc. - in fact everything required for cable management or identification.

SES Sterling has grown by offering their products ex-stock, which when combined with the level of customer service and support you would expect from such a respected manufacturer, allows their customers to relax in the knowledge that they have full availability of products when and where they want them.

SES Sterling understands the need to have a manufacturer/supplier that supports their customers’ needs and stand by their motto of "simply doing what we say" which offers transparency and ease with every order.

Whether you order from our 400+ page catalogue, via the website www.ses-sterling.com or with a full EDI link you will appreciate SES Sterling truly is the "one stop shop" for all your cable management products offering everything but the cable!