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Steel Cable Tray Trunking & Trunking Accessories

Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
PLT1 Junction Unit, 4 Way 50x50mm
PLT2/SH10 Stirrup Hanger 10.5mm
PLT2/SH20 Stirrup Hanger 20.5mm
PLT2/SU Suspension Unit
PLT45TB Bend, Flat 45Deg 50x50mm
PLT90TB Bend, Flat 90Deg 50x50mm
PLTC Coupler, Long 50x50mm
PLTIB Bend, Internal 90Deg 50x50mm
PLTIB/45 Bend, Internal 45Deg 50x50mm
PLTOB Bend, External 90Deg 50x50mm
PLTOB/45 Bend, External 45eg 50x50mm
PLTT Tee, Flat 50x50mm
PLTTB Bend, Flat 50x50mm
PSTB22 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 50x50mm
PSTB22/45 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 50x50mm 45Deg
PSTB22I Bend, Inside Lid 50x50mm
PSTB22I/45 Bend, Inside Lid 45Deg 50x50mm
PSTB22O Bend, Outside Lid 50x50mm
PSTB22O/45 Bend, Outside Lid 45Deg 50x50mm
PSTB22T Bend, Top Lid 50x50mm
PSTB22T/45 Bend, Top Lid 50x50mm 45Deg
PSTB33 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 75x75mm
PSTB33/45 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 75x75mm 45Deg
PSTB33I Bend, Inside Lid 75x75mm
PSTB33I/45 Bend, Inside Lid 45Deg 75x75mm
PSTB33O Bend, Outside Lid 75x75mm
PSTB33O/45 Bend, Outside Lid 45Deg 75x75mm
PSTB33T Bend, Top Lid 75x75mm
PSTB33T/45 Bend, Top Lid 75x75mm 45Deg
PSTB44 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 100x100mm
PSTB44/45 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 100x100mm 45Deg
PSTB44I Bend, Inside Lid 100x100mm
PSTB44I/45 Bend, Inside Lid 45Deg 100x100mm
PSTB44O Bend, Outside Lid 100x100mm
PSTB44O/45 Bend, Outside Lid 45Deg 100x100mm
PSTB44T Bend, Top Lid 100x100mm
PSTB44T/45 Bend, Top Lid 100x100mm 45Deg
PSTB66 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 150x150mm
PSTB66/45 Bend, Inside/Outside Lid 150x150mm 45Deg
PSTB66I Bend, Inside Lid 150x150mm
PSTB66I/45 Bend, Inside Lid 45Deg 150x150mm
PSTB66O Bend, Outside Lid 150x150mm
PSTB66O/45 Bend, Outside Lid 45Deg 150x150mm
PSTB66T Bend, Top Lid 150x150mm
PSTB66T/45 Bend, Top Lid 150x150mm 45Deg
PSTE22 Blank End 50x50mm
PSTE33 Blank End 75x75mm
PSTE44 Blank End 100x100mm
PSTE66 Blank End 150x150mm
PSTI22T Intersection, 4 Way Top Lid 50x50mm
PSTI33T Intersection, 4 Way Top Lid 75x75mm
PSTI44T Intersection, 4 Way Top Lid 100x100mm
PSTI66T Intersection, 4 Way Top Lid 150x150mm
PSTR3322 Reducer 75x75mm To 50x50mm
PSTR4433 Reducer 100x100mm To 75x75mm
PSTR6644 Reducer 150x150mm To 100x100mm
PSTT22T Tee, Top Lid 50x50mm
PSTT22I Tee, Inside Lid 50x50mm
PSTT22O Tee, Outside Lid 50x50mm
PSTT33T Tee, Top Lid 75x75mm
PSTT33I Tee, Inside Lid 75x75mm
PSTT33O Tee, Outside Lid 75x75mm
PSTT44T Tee, Top Lid 100x100mm
PSTT44I Tee, Inside Lid 100x100mm
PSTT44O Tee, Outside Lid 100x100mm
PSTT66T Tee, Top Lid 150x150mm
PSTT66I Tee, Inside Lid 150x150mm
PSTT66O Tee, Outside Lid 150x150mm
PTHB2 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 50mm
PTHB3 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 75mm
PTHB4 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 100mm
PTHB6 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 150mm
PTHB9 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 225mm
PTHB12 Bracket, Top Hat Bridge Cable Tray Stand-Off 300mm