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System Units

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32EIND Filter, Inductor Noise for Dimmers, to Reduce Current Spikes
60PBBP Switch, Saturn Mechanism 240V
60PBBPL Switch, Saturn Mechanism 240V
5005C305B Cable, Cat 5 UTP 4 Pair 305mPink
5100CN2 Interface, Network Bridge, for Ethernet to C-Bus
5100CT80 Transformer, Current 80A
5100HSCU Cable, High Speed Programming, for Infrared USB
5100NA Analyser, Network
5100NLA Adaptor, Neon Lighting
5100RP Reader, Infrared Code
5500BURDEN Network Burden, RJ45 (Pack=10)
5500CN2 Interface, Network Bridge, for Ethernet to C-Bus
5500NB Bridge, Network for DIN Rail
5500PACA Controller, Pascal Automation, Din Rail Mounted
5500PC Interface, PC RS232
5500PCU Interface, PC USB
5500PS PSU 350mA
5502DAL Gateway, 2 Channel DALI
5502DAL2PS Gateway, 2 Channel DALI, c/w Power Supplies
5504CMU Measuring Unit, Current
8050LD Lead, Single Infrared Emitter
80502LD Lead, Dual Infrared Emitter
CT12NS Distribution Board, 12 Module IP55
CT24NS Distribution Board, 2x12 Module
CT36NS Distribution Board, 3x12 Module
DCCOM/1 Dongle, DALI Commissioning Wizard
DCDALCIP2502 PSU, DALIcontrol Dual
E50312TC7 Clock, Module 7Day Vertical
WHC5918A Controller, Wiser Home, Ethernet & Wi-Fi Based