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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
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Bulkhead, Emergency Exit 3hrM ST IP65, c/w 4 x Legends
7W 117x352mm
More Information Available
Bulkhead, Wall/Ceiling Exit 3hrM IP20, w/o Legend
More Information Available
Exit Box, 3hrM IP20 c/w Legend
JC50304 Exit Box, Bulkhead c/w Left/Right Legend Aluminium
More Information Available
Luminaire, Emergency Twin Spot 3hrNM IP65
More Information Available
Downlight, Recessed LED 3hrNM IP20, 103lm
More Information Available
Downlight, Surface LED 3hrNM ST IP20, 103lm
More Information Available
Legend, 1 x Left & 1 x Right Running Man, for JC50302 Exit Blade
More Information Available
Legend, 2 x Down Running Man, for JC50302 Exit Blade
JC50311 Legend, 2 x Up Running Man, for JC50302 Exit Blade
JC50314 Exit Box, Up Legend Aluminium
More Information Available
Bulkhead, Exit 3hrM c/w Legend IP65
3W 1800mAh 117x352mm


About JCC

Established in 1989, JCC are marketing leaders in the development of cutting edge LED lighting technology.

We are driven by our passion to create innovative LED lighting solutions. This ensures that our customers can take advantage of the benefits that the latest LED technology can provide for both domestic and commercial applications.

We believe that LED lighting is the most cost effective way that homes and businesses can tackle rising energy costs and the global need to reduce CO2 consumption.

The development of LED provides us with the opportunity to readdress traditional lighting and create innovative solutions that can provide installation times, enrich our homes, increase productivity within the workplace and enhance safety across all environments.

About Leviton

Leviton is a world leader in diversified electrical technologies and the largest privately owned manufacturer of electrical wiring equipment in North America.

Leviton products help customers create sustainable and intelligent environments through their electrical wiring devises, network and data centre connectivity solutions, lighting energy management, and security and automation applications.

Operating in over 80 countries and with a portfolio of more than 25,000 products, Leviton are at the forefront of global developments in building technology and are uniquely positioned to support JCC in developing cutting edge LED innovation.

Leviton acquired JCC in 2013 to enhance JCC’s position as the UK market leader in LED lighting and strengthen our shared vision to ensure accessibility to the benefits of the latest LED technology.