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CSNETMANAGERLT Controller, Central Touchscreen c/w HC-A64NET, & Net Configuration Kit 12in
CSNETMANAGERXT Controller, Central Touchscreen c/w HC-A64NET, & Net Configuration Kit 17in
DESKMOUNTEDSUPPORT Stand, Desk for CSNET Manager, 12 or 17in
DUPC-63K1 Pump Kit, Drain RPC-1.5FSN3
DUPC-71K1 Pump Kit, Drain RPC-2.0FSN3
DUPC-160K1 Pump Kit, Drain RPC-2.5-6.0FSN3
HC-A8MB Interface, ModBus Control/Monitor, 8 Indoor Units
HC-A16KNX Interface, Control/Monitor 16 Indoor Units
HC-A32MB Interface, ModBus Control/Monitor 32 Units, Indoor
HC-A64MB Interface, ModBus Control/Monitor, 64 Indoor Units
HC-A64NET Adaptor, Ethernet for CSNET Manager, up to 64 Indoor Units
KNX0001 Interface, KNX Control/Monitor 128 Indoor Unit
NETCONFIGKIT Kit, Net Configuration for HC-A(8/64)MB, & HC-A64NET
PC-A1IO Monitor, Control 3rd Party Equipment, via CS Net Web
PSC-A16RS Control, Switch Centralised On-Off, 16 Zones
PSC-A1T Timer, 7 Day
PSC-A32MN Controller, Central Touchscreen, 32 Zones
PSC-A64GT Controller, Central Touchscreen, 64 Groups/160 Units
PSC-A64S Remote Control, Central - 64 Groups/160 Units
PSC-A160WEB1 Controller, Web Based Central with Modbus, Interface
SOR-NEC Sensor Kit, Motion for RCIM-FSN4
SOR-NED Sensor Kit, Motion for RCD-FSN3
SOR-NEP Sensor Kit, Motion for RPC-FSN3
SPX-DST1 Distributor, Kit for Group Control, up to 13 Units
SPX-RCDA Controller, Wired Remote
SPX-RCKA Controller, Wireless Remote & Receiver Kit, for Monozone
SPX-RTH1 Sensor, Remote, for RAD-PPA
SPX-WDC1 Contact, Card Key for RAF-RPA
SPX-WDC2 Contact, Card Key for RAD-RAI
SPX-WDC3 Contact, Card Key for RAK
SPX-WDC4 Contact, Card Key for RAK PPA
WALLMOUNTEDSUPPORT Support, Wall Mounted for CSNET Manager, 12 or 17in