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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
44-0487 Device, Electrical Plug Cover Small
44-0488 Device, Electrical Plug Cover Large
44-428EU Hasp, Lockout Non-Conductive
More Information Available
Lock Station, 4 Lock
More Information Available
Lock Station, 10 Lock
More Information Available
Lockout, Cable Adjustable
More Information Available
Kit, Lockout Tagout, UK Domestic Installer
More Information Available
Kit, Lockout Tagout, Personal
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Kit, Lockout Tagout, UK Contractor
44-995 Lockout, Kit Contractor MCB
44-2393 Device, Universal MCB Lockout
44-2394 Device, Universal MCB Lockout Large Blue
44-2393-D Device, Universal MCB Lockout
44-5833EU Label, Heavy Duty Do Not Operate Pack of 5
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Device, Lockout Tagout Pins Out MCB
441.002 Device, Lockout Tagout Pins In MCB
441.003 Device, Lockout Pins Out Wide MCB
441.004 Device, Lockout Tie Bar
441.001-D Device, Lockout Tagout Pins Out MCB
IA-2280 Device, Lockout Tagout Universal CB
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Pouch, Lockout Tagout Carrying
IA-5502 Hasp 25mmSteel
K-7566 Pen, Marker Fast-Drying
K-8330 Padlock, Safety c/w 38mm Shackle Blue
K-8334 Padlock, Safety c/w Key Red
K-8334-D Padlock, Safety 38mm Steel Shackle Red
K-8336 Padlock, Safety c/w 38mm Shackle Yellow
K-40611 Padlock, Safety Non Conductive Shackle Red Nylon
K-40612 Padlock, Safety Non Conductive Shackle Yellow Nylon
K-41021 Padlock, Long Shackle Red Steel
KB-0224 Hasp, Lockout Red Steel
KB-0224-D Hasp, Lockout Red Steel
KB-0226 Device, Grip Tight Lockout, Wide & Tall Toggles
KB-0227 Device, Grip Tight Lockout, Single & Double Toggles
KB-0231 Hasp, Universal Double Ended
KB-0234 Device, MCB Lockout Universal
KB-0234-D Device, MCB Lockout Universal
KB-0375 Device, Grip Tight
KB-0375-D Device, Grip Tight
KB-1234 Device, MCB Lockout Enclosed Universal
LA-2182 Device, Lockout No Hole 38mm


A Worldwide Leader in Data
Communications and Electrical Products

With operations throughout Europe, Asia and North and South America, IDEAL INDUSTRIES develops, manufactures and sells products and services for:

  • Installers of UTP/STP structured cabling systems
  • Installers of data, voice and video transmission cables,
  • Industrial maintenance and repair organisations,
  • Electrical contractors
  • Utility companies
  • Commercial and residential building contractors,
  • Original equipment manufacturers.
  • Telecommunication industry,
  • Aerospace and aviation industry ,

IDEAL focuses on serving customer needs in DataComm and Telecommunication installation and testing, as well as cutting, stripping, terminating and testing wire. IDEAL INDUSTRIES is the world's leading manufacturer of wire connectors and wire management products. The company's products, which bear the IDEAL®, TREND, ANDERSON POWER PRODUCTS® and BUCHANAN CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS brand names, include:

  • UTP/STP Cable Certification Equipment
  • Wiremap Testers
  • Fibre Optic Testers and Tools
  • Test Equipment in ATM, xDSL, SDH/Sonet, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP Testing
  • Voltage Testers
  • Multimeters
  • Power Quality Testers
  • Conduit Benders
  • Cable Ties
  • Lock Out/Tag Out Products
  • Fish Tapes
  • Lubricants
  • Wire Strippers