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Catalogue NoDescriptionSizeFinish
CUL-27857-SST Kit, Deck/Plinth 15mmStainless Steel
CUL-27858-SST Kit, Deck/Plinth 30mmStainless Steel
ELA-27465-BCHR Downlight, Fixed Fire Rated Black/Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27465-CHR Downlight, Fixed Fire Rated Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27465-SCHR Downlight, Fixed Fire Rated Satin Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27465-WHT Downlight, Fixed Fire Rated White Die Cast
ELA-27466-BCHR Downlight, Adjustable Fire Rated Black/Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27466-CHR Downlight, Adjustable Fire Rated Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27466-SCHR Downlight, Adjustable Fire Rated Satin Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27466-WHT Downlight, Adjustable Fire Rated White Die Cast
ELA-27467-BCHR Showerlight, Fire Rated IP65 Black/Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27467-CHR Showerlight, Fire Rated IP65 Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27467-SCHR Showerlight, Fire Rated IP65 Satin Chrome Die Cast
ELA-27467-WHT Showerlight, Fire Rated IP65 White Die Cast
ELA-28093-CHR Trim, Bulkhead Polished Chrome
ELA-28101-OPL Bulkhead, Slimline LED 14W 1200lm4000K
ELA-28102-OPL Bulkhead, Slimline LED c/w Microwave Sensor 14W 1200lm4000K
ELA-28103-OPL Bulkhead, Slimline LED Emergency 14W 1200lm4000K
ELA-28104-OPL Bulkhead, Slimline LED Emergency, c/w Microwave Sensor 14W 1200lm4000K
ELA-28414 Luminaire, Linklight LED 320mm4000K
ELA-28415 Luminaire, Linklight LED 480mm4000K
ELA-28416 Luminaire, Linklight LED 880mm4000K
ELA-28417 Luminaire, Linklight LED 1180mm4000K
ELA-28418 Luminaire, Linklight LED 320mm3000K
ELA-28419 Luminaire, Linklight LED 480mm3000K
ELA-28420 Luminaire, Linklight LED 880mm3000K
ELA-28421 Luminaire, Linklight LED 1180mm3000K

Forum Lighting Solutions

Forum Lighting Solutions are designers and distributors of high quality, energy saving light fittings and lamps. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered, and a member of the Cascade Holdings Group. Cascade has been trading in the UK for over 60 years, during which time has built a strong reputation as a supplier of highly desirable, decorative lighting to some of the UK’s largest retailers. Based in the North West of England, our 500,000 sq ft premises houses our offices, warehouse facility and 30,000 sq ft showrooms.

Forum aim to provide our customers with aesthetically pleasing, low energy lighting solutions with a competitive pricing structure. Our product range includes kitchen "Culina", bathroom "Spa" and outdoor "Zinc" lighting and is complimented by an ever increasing selection of high quality LED lamps "Inlight".

The Forum in-house design team are constantly developing new and innovative products, with a bias towards LED technology. High standards of customer service are of utmost importance. This is illustrated through our next day delivery service, industry experienced members of staff and a superb commitment to stock. We strive to maintain these high standards with a focus on providing our customers with a devoted supplier deserving of their trust.